State of the RPG Union: Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has published their annual State of the Mongoose article where they go into depth on last year’s results and next year’s plans.

You can go read the article yourself, but the important bits are:

  • Hard times in the RPG market, but they think it’s bottomed out
  • They predict D&D 5e in 2013
  • Mongoose left Rebellion in mid-2010 and that hurt some
  • Mongoose is still doing well despite tough times, no layoffs
  • Traveller and Legend are their big RPGs they’re getting results from
  • They are doing a lot more minis, and moving to resin from metal for cost
  • A Call To Arms: Star Fleet, A Call To Arms: Noble Armada, Judge Dredd and Victory at Sea are the minis games doing well for them

It’s good they’re chugging along – they’re the success story you hear less about over here (they are bigger in the UK), but them, FFG, and Paizo are really the big RPG houses now it seems like.

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