Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Two, Twenty-Fourth Session

Twenty-Fourth Session (17 page pdf) – “From Sea to Shore” – Below the Azlanti island of Nal-Kashel, the crew comes across an ancient evil. Well, three, if you count their girlfriends. They’ve had it with having to fight them time and time again, and they come up with a drastic solution! Nothing will be the same after the season climax of Reavers on the Seas of Fate!

Well kids, the Teeth of Araska is in dire straits. The ship was captured by a Tentacle Monster, the crew enslaved, and the few free members are being mutated into weird fish-monsters by the island’s magic. After tampering with ancient magics, Sindawe, Serpent, Wogan, Jaren the Jinx, Gareb, and Slasher Jim head under the island to confront one of lost Azlant’s masters.

It’s not long before they get attacked by Samaritha and Hatshepsut, apparently under something’s mental control. This really presses the party’s buttons – Sindawe is pretty sure Samaritha is an evil mastermind and Serpent is pretty sure Hatshepsut is just waiting to betray them, so they don’t really treat them with kid gloves.  The feeling is mutual, however, and Hatshepsut totally wipes the floor with them until they slap a Protection from Evil on Samaritha to interrupt her domination!

All this time, Jaren the Jinx’s curse is in effect.  It’s diminished from its earlier more vicious form, but now it just triggers critical fails on a natural 1, using the Paizo critical fumble deck (well, the iPad app equivalent in my case).

They then hustle after Gerlach the fish-man alchemist (well, sorcerer; this is before the alchemist class was created).  That fight actually goes OK – he triggers a critical failure that summon an irate rhinoceros! For some reason the party is not very thankful; Wogan tries to stab a wounded Jaren and then once it’s over Sindawe nearly kills him with a spear. But anyway, the fight moves on to an aboleth’s prison, and it is a terrible shame that everyone makes their save versus its domination. So the boss fight wasn’t really the toughest of the adventure – one or two failed dominations and it could have been super bad.  Ah well, that’s the way the d20 falls.

And then, it’s over except for the looting, the intel gathering, the curing everyone of the taint, the freeing of the villagers and crew, the reclaiming of the ship, the complete looting of the town, and – the wedding!

That’s right!  After hearing about the legend that newlyweds that swim out to Wedding Rock for their wedding night are sure to conceive, Serpent and Samaritha tie the knot. They debate a little bit about whether they really need to swim all the way there from the shore, but in the end decide they’d best not mess with tradition.  Wogan marries them on the beach and they swim across to the island, and mate upon the rock under the stars.

Will the ancient altar allow even a serpentfolk woman and a human man to conceive? When serpentfolk have bore no young since Ydersius fell? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Meanwhile, voodoo goddess Mama Watanna possesses Hatshepsut; Sindawe jumps her bones before she can even deliver her cryptic goddess-messages.

And after all the festivities and they leave, the ravaging of Blackcove is capped off by the discovery of the murdered body of their temple acolyte.

And that seems like a great place to end our season!  Next season, the crew of the Teeth of Araska will venture out into the Arcadian Ocean to sunken Azlant in search of pirate Morgan Baumann and some pirate booty!

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