Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 8

Eighth Session (12 page pdf) – More psychos and worms await as we dungeon-crawl the Rift of Niltak. And Shoanti. And mimics and executioner’s hoods and cursed items!  Wackiness results.

First, here’s our whiteboard pics trying to explain the Rift of Niltak in side and front view.

You’ll have to check out the session summary for the artist’s rendition of a seguathi brain-enslaving worm, however. We come across another one of those things, but now that we know what to expect it didn’t go so badly for us.  We tossed in a Web, summoned an earth elemental, and came in after it had been reduced to worm slurry.

My favorite excerpt, with some interplay between my character Yoshihiro and Tim’s character Bjorn:

After some investigation a weak section of wall is found in the wall to the right of the altar.

Bjorn posits, “Maybe this is where the dwarves dug too deep. Then they covered it up!”

Hiro retorts, “Oh, yeah, they stacked up some bricks and covered it with dirt. Real dwarven craftsmanship there.”

Pushing down the wall reveals a large square room with a stone dais in the midst of a sand floor. Two chests of gold and big frog-god statue adorn the dais and two braziers on the ceiling cast a hellish red glow. A large twisted dwarf in heavy armor kisses his gore-smeared axe and waggles his bloody tongue, pointing one of his exposed finger-bones at us.

“Let’s not try talking,” says Bjorn.

This was an old school mini-dungeon crawl, complete with a mimic, an executioner’s hood, and even a bag of devouring! But possibly the most time was spent with the inexplicable homunculus in a box. I had to totally insist that we return it to the old hermit, too, not that we got much out of it.

Our side trek is over; next time we hit chapter 2 of the AP, the Night of Frozen Shadows!

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