Jade Regent – Night of Frozen Shadows, Session 1

First Session (16 page pdf) – We journey with our caravan all the way from Roderic’s Cove in Varisia to Kalsgard in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. A fair number of Viking raiders toss themselves onto our swords.

We kicked into the second chapter of the Jade Regent AP today. Our characters are shaping up well if oddly.  V’lk is mute and Gobo is blind, Harwynian is somewhat… flighty. Bjorn and Jacob are alternately charging into combat and absent. But we’re getting into the groove with each other. See our main Jade Regent page for the character sheets level by level.

The road up to the Linnorm Kings went through many lovely locales including mining towns and a village of gnomish mini-Vikings. I stomped around it pretending to be Gojira.

Along the way, I decided Hiro would take up playwriting; he adapted the crazy tengu’s play into a work called “The Cuckolded Cuckoo” that the caravan performed along the way. We also continued to experiment with caravan fighting rules. We fought off trolls and bandits without much trouble.

We got ambushed at night though, and I about died – those Ulfen greataxes put a whupping on you fast, and all our ACs are pretty low.  I managed to escape the press and led the chasing Ulfen into a narrow place between the wagons where Harwynian could Web them. Then it was a lot easier… We even took a bunch of prisoners to sell back for their weregeld.

In the end, we got to Kalsgard, our destination, and start in on the long chain of “Ah yes, I had that sword, but now…”

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