Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 1

We’ve moved into the third chapter of the Jade Regent adventure path and it’s chilly Arctic action all the way!

First Session (14 page pdf) – We fight snow chimeras and Wilford Brimley the Eskimo Shaman.  Real world arctic survival tip – you can’t eat the liver of a polar bear, it has so much vitamin A that it’s poisonous, but the rest is OK.

As we travelled across the Crown of the World, we get a lot of nice picaresque encounters. First was the hideous hag Arnalaak, who had stolen all of a village’s children and transformed them into water monsters. We solved that by marrying Jacob off to her; sadly, it didn’t take.

Then we fought a chimera with the heads of a dragon, walrus, and polar bear that we dubbed a cryomera. My character Yoshihiro is coming along well as an archer; one three-arrow full attack from me got it hurt bad and Harwynian finished it off with Magic Missiles.  Similarly, the next encounter with a giant pike (which tried to eat Harwynian) took a lot of magic missile and arrow damage.

Then we find the Arataki (aka Inuit aka Eskimo) village and return their kids, but a shaman who looks like Wilford Brimley has it in for us.

I don’t know what I would have done in this campaign without Suishen, the magical katana.  See invisible, wind walk, and protection from cold pretty much convert most of the impossible challenges in the AP to possible.  In this case, I saw the invisible Wilford Brimley skulk off and we trailed him directly to his lair. He attacked us with a host of frozen undead, and used a gust of wind to blow me around a lot, but I used my ever-popular dye arrow trick to highlight him (since I can see invis and I’m the archer, I bought dye arrows to mark sneaky BBEGs for party destruction).

Next time, we go dragon hunting!


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