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Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 6

Sixth Session (9 page pdf) – Yeti murder is followed up by Korean relaxation.  I know, I know, that’s two pairs of words you don’t see combined all that much.  But we finish out the AP in style!

Sadly I missed this session; it was time to take my daughter to Universal Studios for summer vacation.  But it went well; they bearded the yeti and Bjorn used his anti-ghost gear to kill Katiyana’s spirit.

And then we get to Fantasy Korea!  The king is a good mix of Kim Jong-Il and Genghis Khan.  There are contests, and I win several despite not being there (keeping my character sheet in our Dropbox is magically helpful).

In the end we get to perform The Cuckolded Cuckoo again, the play the crazy tengu in Brinewall was working on that Yoshihiro has been completing.  My favorite part of it is that Gobo the gnome plays “a giant standing in the distance.”

And we get to 9th level!  Several of our new character sheets are on the campaign page for your edification. With that we move into chapter four, Forest of Spirits.

Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 5

Fifth Session (13 page pdf) – The Caves of Desna (aka Mines of Moria) are rough on a caravan.  We lose some levels and stuff to undead and then come into contact with infinite yetis!  We kill infinity minus one of them.

We travel through the caves with our whole caravan to bypass the storms. It’s totally full of undead.  We have Invisibility to Undead but we also have spastic party members that can’t resist attacking them and dispelling it for all of us.  So there’s that. Bjorn did get some 3l33t ghost killing gear out of it though.

When we encountered the yeti, we figured there was something wrong (they’re normally not organized and warlike) and I knew they’d come after us.  So we carefully set an ambush with Harwynian’s new spell Firefall.  We carefully set out a 60′ perimeter from the stairs and waited.  Sadly, Harwynian – out of forgetfulness or from deliberately being a douche, we’re still not sure – neglected to tell us there’s a 120′ blindness effect. I tried to use my samurai strategy ability to let everyone get a free move back into an enclosed space, but of course the usual suspects decided they were way too buff to retreat 30′ even when blinded and outnumbered! Of course this forces us to not abandon them to their folly, but to pour healing and help into them despite it. So what should have been a turkey shoot nearly killed us.  But I’m not bitter.

Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 4

Fourth Session (11 page pdf) – We brave the Dead Man’s Dome, Ameiko gets roofied by a lonely ogre, and we decide to head through the Mines of Moria with our whole caravan.

I’ve been slacking on the blogging over the summer, but not on the gaming!  I’m playing in Jade Regent every other week and running Reavers on the Seas of Fate every other week.

The session takes care of the big fight at Dead Man’s Dome in less than a page, but it was a big ol’ caravan battle and took a while. The caravan got banged up but we came through it fine. And with that we finished crossing the Crown of the World!

We’re not really sure how we’re not the only caravan to cross the Crown, since you need high level adventurers to do it. But, it’s always harder for PCs, so that’s fair enough.

Then an ogre mage charms Ameiko and runs off with her.  We track him down and kill him but it’s not really clear whether he was like an agent of the Five Winds out to get us or if he was just a lonely rapist. Enquiring minds may never know.

Then we have storm  trouble (HUNGRY storms, natch) and decide to pass some mountains by taking the whole darn caravan into the Caves of Desna (aka Mines of  Moria) and go all the way through.  This seems unlikely to us but it’s where the plot wants us to go, so we go…


Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 3

Third Session (11 page pdf) – We head to a tower in the Arctic that is making naughty storms and sweep and clear it.  It might be a spaceship or something. We’re not sure. We kill them all and let the DM sort it out. Enjoy our continued journey through the Jade Regent Adventure Path!

Pretty much we spend the entire session in the Storm Tower. We were playing pretty smart.  We roped ourselves together going across the bridge in (saving lives), I as Yoshihiro used my see invisible to tag invisible opponents with dye arrows (saving lives), and Bjorn bull rushed many an undead off the top of the tower (saving lives).  Sadly I missed the final battle as I had to catch a plane that evening. Like many boss fights it had a lot of back and forth buffing and dispelling. Jacob piles on the frontal damage and then V’lk spikes her from behind.  Bing bang boom, we do it by the book.


Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 2

Second Session (15 page pdf) – We go mano-a-mano with a white dragon! And our caravan nearly gets murderized by ice trolls. Then we go to hungry storm undead haunted spires and hack undead like there’s no tomorrow!  And since we’re near the North Pole, tomorrow is a long time coming.

Well, our dragon hunting nearly backfired – the dragon hit us while we were trying to rappel down an ice crevasse and before we’d buffed. The fight was interestingly three-dimensional; here’s one of the cell phone camera shots of the whiteboard we took to send to Bruce (he Skypes in):

You can see V’lk and Spivey trying to flee by spider climbing up the wall of ice as the rest of us come down to help.  The “I like cake” guy is our local guide Tiktik who went into that special form of NPC stasis as soon as the action started. It was a tough and interesting fight and Jacob kept trying to commit suicide during it but once we finally cornered the thing, I spiked it through its brain-pan with my katana.

My favorite line comes from later in the session, though:

They tell him that the Snowcaster elves live up on the High Ice. They are pale-skinned and very mysterious. They might make toys and love snow-cones. They are gruff towards outsiders, but respect shows of force. “I think we can arrange that,” says Yoshihiro.

With that we wander the arctic ice some more, nearly get wiped out by ice trolls and paralyzing undead and other such random encounters.

Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 1

We’ve moved into the third chapter of the Jade Regent adventure path and it’s chilly Arctic action all the way!

First Session (14 page pdf) – We fight snow chimeras and Wilford Brimley the Eskimo Shaman.  Real world arctic survival tip – you can’t eat the liver of a polar bear, it has so much vitamin A that it’s poisonous, but the rest is OK.

As we travelled across the Crown of the World, we get a lot of nice picaresque encounters. First was the hideous hag Arnalaak, who had stolen all of a village’s children and transformed them into water monsters. We solved that by marrying Jacob off to her; sadly, it didn’t take.

Then we fought a chimera with the heads of a dragon, walrus, and polar bear that we dubbed a cryomera. My character Yoshihiro is coming along well as an archer; one three-arrow full attack from me got it hurt bad and Harwynian finished it off with Magic Missiles.  Similarly, the next encounter with a giant pike (which tried to eat Harwynian) took a lot of magic missile and arrow damage.

Then we find the Arataki (aka Inuit aka Eskimo) village and return their kids, but a shaman who looks like Wilford Brimley has it in for us.

I don’t know what I would have done in this campaign without Suishen, the magical katana.  See invisible, wind walk, and protection from cold pretty much convert most of the impossible challenges in the AP to possible.  In this case, I saw the invisible Wilford Brimley skulk off and we trailed him directly to his lair. He attacked us with a host of frozen undead, and used a gust of wind to blow me around a lot, but I used my ever-popular dye arrow trick to highlight him (since I can see invis and I’m the archer, I bought dye arrows to mark sneaky BBEGs for party destruction).

Next time, we go dragon hunting!