Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 3

Third Session (11 page pdf) – We head to a tower in the Arctic that is making naughty storms and sweep and clear it.  It might be a spaceship or something. We’re not sure. We kill them all and let the DM sort it out. Enjoy our continued journey through the Jade Regent Adventure Path!

Pretty much we spend the entire session in the Storm Tower. We were playing pretty smart.  We roped ourselves together going across the bridge in (saving lives), I as Yoshihiro used my see invisible to tag invisible opponents with dye arrows (saving lives), and Bjorn bull rushed many an undead off the top of the tower (saving lives).  Sadly I missed the final battle as I had to catch a plane that evening. Like many boss fights it had a lot of back and forth buffing and dispelling. Jacob piles on the frontal damage and then V’lk spikes her from behind.  Bing bang boom, we do it by the book.


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