Jade Regent – Forest of Spirits, Session 1

We’re over the hump and into the fourth chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path, Forest of Spirits.

First Session (18 page pdf) – We go shopping and get ninja’ed, in a bad way.   Then we meet Princess Mononoke and head out into the Forest of Spirits, where the cutest little bonsai kami ever wants us to go into the House of Withered Blossoms. We go in but it’s Mirkwood on crack as the spiders just keep coming!

The Fantasy Korean emperor is helpful but scary.  We used the opportunity of him executing all his guardsmen for letting us be attacked by ninja to sneak out of the city and get on our way.  Man, these ninja, they are always getting billions of sneak attacks on us no matter what we do.

And then it’s off to the House of the Withered Blossoms because the spirits need our help, says some chick with not much personality. We fight a bunch of spiders until we realize they just want to get stoned and be left alone (no, really).  So we generate a truce with the remaining third of them and learn the pagoda’s a megadungeon full of hobgoblins.  Hobgoblin murder next time!

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