Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 6

Sixth Session (9 page pdf) – Yeti murder is followed up by Korean relaxation.  I know, I know, that’s two pairs of words you don’t see combined all that much.  But we finish out the AP in style!

Sadly I missed this session; it was time to take my daughter to Universal Studios for summer vacation.  But it went well; they bearded the yeti and Bjorn used his anti-ghost gear to kill Katiyana’s spirit.

And then we get to Fantasy Korea!  The king is a good mix of Kim Jong-Il and Genghis Khan.  There are contests, and I win several despite not being there (keeping my character sheet in our Dropbox is magically helpful).

In the end we get to perform The Cuckolded Cuckoo again, the play the crazy tengu in Brinewall was working on that Yoshihiro has been completing.  My favorite part of it is that Gobo the gnome plays “a giant standing in the distance.”

And we get to 9th level!  Several of our new character sheets are on the campaign page for your edification. With that we move into chapter four, Forest of Spirits.

2 responses to “Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 6

  1. Thanks Ernest! I’ve really enjoyed reading these 🙂
    Took my (shattered, sleep-deprived) mind off my teething daughter and made me laugh. Thanks, man!

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