Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 1

First Session (14 page pdf) – We come to the town of Ravengro to participate in the funeral of our mutual friend, Professor Lorrimor. But all is not as it seems…


An all new crop of characters makes its debut as we kick into Carrion Crown! I am the troubled Vudran girl named only “Sredni Vashtar’s Girl,” as she is owned body and soul by her god/familiar, the weasel Sredni Vashtar. Chris is playing Icobus Basilisk, a battle oracle type; Bruce is playing Oswald Bainbridge the crossbowman; Patrick is playing Nigel Snodgrass the dirge bard; Tim is playing Dr. Jegen Vaus the eccentric alchemist; and Matt is playing Vladimir Vampijérovic the hungry ghost monk. Character sheets are all on the campaign page for those that provide them.

This session was largely setup – meet and greet the locals in Ravengro, meeting Kendra Lorrimor, and having Professor Lorrimor’s funeral.  Ravengro is creepy and the locals are unfriendly, down to the dog that lives in the town square. The Professor died investigating Harrowstone Prison, a lovely place – the inmates and guards alike burned to death during an attempted escape from the asylum long ago, and there were four notable serial killers held there at the time; now it’s a haunted ruin. Should be lively! Read on…

One response to “Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 1

  1. My group is on the penultimate book now — we’re playing a bit later today — and we’ve had good fun with Carrion Crown. It’s a bit more linear than other Paizo campaigns we’ve played but it has some fun ideas, encounters and locations and it’s dripping with gothic horror atmosphere. Have fun!

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