Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 2

Second Session (21 page pdf) – Weird occurrences lead us to the ruins of Harrowstone Prison outside of town to investigate the Professor’s death. Turns out it burned down and was inhabited by serial killers. Awesome.


The campaign’s going well so far.  I’m trying to expand on my understanding of Sredni Vashtar’s Girl and to play both her and the weasel without going too over the top. Dr. Vaus had a little “roleplayer regret” along those lines; when he takes his mutagen he put on an iron mask and yelled “Ironface!” Turns out he was getting carried away and really wanted that to be a later development when he takes some greater mutagen that really affects your sanity thing and he tried to pull back some from that after.

I feel bad that I keep skunking Vladimir on Knowledge skill rolls – I think he intended to be good at those, but he’s a monk and I’m a witch and I’m an Int machine…  That plus good rolls kept me going on with super in depth explanations – “Ah yes, the Whispering Way is… <paragraphs>.”

I had to go before they started the dungeon delving this time – more to come though!

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