Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 3

Third Session (12 page pdf) – We clear the first level of Harrowstone Prison of its ghosts and other assorted horridness. But the spirits are having an effect on our minds…


We got to face a wide variety of spooky antagonists.  It feels a little different than those original haunts back in Foxglove Manor in Rise of the Runelords, though. They’re more like puzzles. Is this one something we can attack? Or do we have to use positive energy? Or an animated object? Or do we…  A lot of Knowledge checks and then applying various remedies. I wish they hadn’t mechanized haunts quite so much. My favorite one was when Icobus died at the hands of Father Charlatan but came alive again based on his actions in the ‘dream’ – that’s more horror appropriate. I wanted more “Ghost Adventures” and less “puzzle CRPG” out of this, and the mechanization of all the spooks was somewhat harmful to that mood.

Anyway, we delve deeper into the hauntings of Harrowstone in this chapter and put a couple serial killers to rest! “This level is clear!”

2 responses to “Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 3

  1. Inspired reading. I love the character concepts (Dirge bard a forehead slapping obvious choice I overlooked) and your weasel groupie especially. Did you guys have an forewarned knowledge of the AP? The crossbowman sure gets the lion’s share of the cemetary loot. Keep it coming!

    • Thaks! No foreknowledge, just genre appropriateness – Van Helsing/Hansel & Gretel/etc are all about the crossbows. I tried to sell him on an inquisitor crossbow spec but he wanted to go straight fighter. I was sad because I was trying to buy a crossbow in town and couldn’t find one, and then we found all that crossbow loot!

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