Carrion Crown Chapter 2, Trial of the Beast, Session 4

Fourth Session (10 page pdf) – We prove the innocence of the Beast, though one of the two serial killers escapes.  Then it’s out to Castle Caromarc, where the troll gate guards take out a party member!

With Franklin & Bash style flair we get the Beast off his capital sentence. Speak with Dead! Skin suits! Paperwork! Victory! We hustle him out to the edge of town and he goes home to Castle Caromarc and invites us to visit.  Sure, we think…

Then we go out into the swamp and meet a swamp dryad. “She’s all made of plants and stuff but hot.” We had to Google for an example to prove to ourselves that could happen.

Mossy_dryad_girl__by_PlastikStarsWe freed her wolf from a trap, which made us feel like we were level 1 again.

Then we got to a troll and troll-hound occupied gatehouse, and that really made us feel like we were level 1 again.  They totally murdered Icobus as part of a large complex combat. I can’t say our tactics were great but this is a dangerous level; I remember in Rise of the Runelords we lost our fighter to an ogre hook about this time.  But he didn’t stay dead, we’re just high enough to pull off a Reincarnate! He came back as an orc, which is interesting since orcs are persona non grata in Ustalav. Sredni Vashtar’s Girl was horrified that he died but she was really happy to take part in the reincarnation – she had kinda hoped that he’d been more virtuous in his previous incarnation, though, orc isn’t exactly a step up on the wheel of karma.

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