Congratulations to Paizo on ENNies Wins

Paizo Publishing just swept the ENNies again – Best Publisher, Gold Product of the  Year for the NPC Codex, Gold Best Adventure for Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, Gold Best Setting for Magnimar: City of Monuments, Gold and Silver Best Monster/Adversary for Inner Sea Bestiary and NPC Codex, Gold and Silver Best Miniatures for Bestiary Box and Blue Dragon, and Silver Best Cover for NPC Codex.  Plus free fanzine Wayfinder got Gold Best Free Product.

npccodexMuch congratulations to the Paizo crew.  Some grumble because they win all the awards.  But, you know… They kinda deserve it.  A shout out to the NPC Codex book that won so many awards – it is the single most useful book to me as a gamemaster. Ever.  Like since 1984 ever.

One full PC of each level per class.  And since they’re in Hero Lab too, I can tweak them easily for thousands of easy combinations. Oh, and it’s got loads of great art. Making any NPC in a D&D3 variant is a lot of work and this makes it a breeze. I’m eagerly awaiting NPC Codex 2, hopefully next year.

I’ve been listening to the boatload of podcasts showing up now from PaizoCon and Gen Con and the Paizo folks – they’re just all good people who love gaming and have a really high level of professionalism. Lisa Stevens – there for the beginning of Ars Magica, Vampire: The Masquerade, Magic: The Gathering, the WotC purchase of TSR – may as well have been genetically engineered to blow the doors off the adventure gaming industry. The company is everything you always want a gaming company to be – transparent, fun, competent, dedicated to quality, care about the fans… They put out products that people who play their game want, and encourage third parties to do the same. So the kudos are well deserved.

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