Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-first Session



Twenty-first Session (9 page pdf) – “Lions and Tigers and Froghemoths, Oh My!” – The group tracks down their promised froghemoth and set up a blind to lie in wait for it. Of course, it’s already lying in wait for them.

It’s finally time to pay the piper – the monster they promised to Thartane the Necromancer for his aid in their safe passage through Nidal. I loved how they ended up suggesting it in the first place. Now, a very very concerned party tries to figure out how they’re going to get one.

The session gets off to a very “City Slickers” start while they stay at a ranch, then hire a trapper to guide them to the froghemoth grounds. As usual they spend most of their time not trusting a random hireling instead of the much, much more suspicious characters they tend to meet.  “He is taking money for services!  Keep an eye on him!”

They get out there and lay in wait… But though they are stealthy, the froghemoth is wily. The plan goes out the door fast; Samaritha pours electricity into the creature to stop it from getting its like 6 attack full attack every round. It’s super tough, but Serpent rolls a super lucky crit (we use the Paizo crit deck) and does INT damage to it – which is of course a froghemoth’s Achilles heel.

Everyone freezes briefly at this stroke of good luck, then leaps into action… there is no telling how quickly the aberration might recover. Wogan urinates on the monster. Sindawe and Serpent pull out the teleport spikes and start hammering them into the monster’s flesh. Samaritha corrects them, “No, the spikes go into the earth around it.” “I knew that!” insists her husband as he pulls them free of the beast. The spikes work – the creature and a perfect circle of scooped out of earth disappear.

But read on, because the doppleganger reveals itself!


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