Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-second Session

Twenty-second Session
 (11 page pdf) – “A Narrow Escape” – The pirates finally get back to Nisroch and their ship; the Araska and the Dagger had a successful voyage. They are gathering up their crew when White Estrid’s fleet of longships hits. A bloodbath ensues, shattering the usual silence of Nisroch.

white estrid

White Estrid

The PCs return to Nisroch, having escaped death at the hands of plague, froghemoths, and the local law enforcement.  (I actually did a lot of work to figure out how likely it was the local constabulary would track the two murdered shadowcallers back to them. See the Paizo forum post.)

I did my usual thing – whenever the PCs leave their ship for a while and let the NPCs roam loose, I roll d20 for each NPC and they have a time according to that roll. Sometimes it’s a 1 and they die, sometimes it’s a 2 and they have something else bad happen.  Sometimes it’s a 20 and they really score.

So they get back, catch up, talk to Captain Clap, go to the Witch Markets… Seems like a calm “between adventures” session.  I was proud of my pacing on this one.  Thartane’s homunculus shows up to say “thanks for the froghemoth” and give them a manifest of shipping activity as requested.  Sindawe scans down it… “26 Ulfen longships?!?  Shit!!! Is that cannon fire from the harbor? RUN YOU DOGS!”

Sure enough, White Estrid’s fleet is pulling into Nisroch for the second time!  The only female Linnorm King made her bones sacking Nisroch and shooting the Arch of Aroden once before – and she’s pushing her luck by doing it again. They’ve known she was coming but kept pushing their luck time-wise. The PCs are way across town and run their asses off to get to their ships and get them underway as the Ulfen attack.

They get the Teeth of Araska underway but a bunch of the creepy mute monk Nidalese enforcers get on board. Then a longship rams them and Vikings board!  Meanwhile a linnorm flies in and a Nidalese tower disintegrates to let loose an ancient shadow dragon. Shit gets real, go read the deets.

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