Savage Worlds Rifts and Unknown Armies 3rd

Finally the gonzo world of Rifts is not tied to the criminally stupid Palladium system. Savage Rifts is coming and you can get in on the Kickstarter now!

Also, the third edition of the great RPG Unknown Armies is in the offing, also on Kickstarter.

6 responses to “Savage Worlds Rifts and Unknown Armies 3rd

  1. Question is, does the money go back to those that run Palladium?

  2. Jeframdenkar

    I always find it amusing that people bad mouth Palladium yet forget what a real bad system actually is.

  3. Palladium is only being paid a licensing fee. Pinnacle Entertainment is going to be seeing the vast majority of the profit realized from the game sales. I’ve backed that sucker, this is something I’ve been waiting over ten years for.
    And Mxyzplk, keep up the AP’s. You guys are a hoot.

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