Still Here, Still Gaming…

I know I have trouble posting much any more, but I am putting session summaries up still on the Reavers page.  The campaign’s still going (in fact, I see that we just passed 10 years!).

We’ve been playing other stuff in the off weeks as well – currently, a Blades In The Dark campaign – I’m putting some summaries up (they’re hand written by a player), the campaign page is here.

We briefly played Coriolis but the GM had trouble keeping it going. It’s supposed to be Arabian Nights in space but it kinda felt like all our other space games in the end.

5 responses to “Still Here, Still Gaming…

  1. brandingopportunity

    Your post reminds me to thank you for all the cool session summaries over the years. I started back when you were posting “Curse of the Crimson Throne”, and have been enjoying them ever since! Thanks for all the work.

  2. Great! Appreciate it whenever anyone expresses interest; sometimes I slack off publishing them and wonder if anyone out there is reading. I love in depth session summaries myself!

  3. brandingopportunity

    I understand. As one of the admins for Pathfinderwiki one does a lot of work that one is not sure anybody will ever read as well.

  4. So glad this blog continues, its been a huge source of entertainment and DM inspiration! And Jesus those Pirates may be the most unabashedly “player character” player characters I’ve ever seen. (Read about I guess)

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