Blades In The Dark – Session 14

Fourteenth Session – We go to attack the notorious Dimmer Sisters’ mansion to steal the Eye of Kotor (like the Eye of Vecna) and it’s just as crazy and magically demented as you might expect.

But first, we do downtime, and Hasten Doom sets up a drug business, Reis inscribes a magical tattoo on his body, and Marto, and I quote, “wants to find a source for vicious spiked collars with his friend Corasso.” Heh heh I bet he does the cheeky monkey.

We go make sure the Crows gang won’t be upset with us taking on the Dimmer Sisters in their turf and they are fine with it. We have our allies the Gondoliers take us to their mansion through the canals but the ghost attacks start before we even get through the gate. Luckily Marto has made his dog able to bite ghosts. Reis uses his new ritual that lets him move through the ghost realm to pass through the wall to get them in.

We hack through ghosts and find some of the Dimmer Sisters doing some weird ritual with the Eye of Kotor. We mess them up with a Leviathan-song emitting phonograph and grab the Eye. More Sisters attack, one with cool Medusa style hair. It’s not clear how many of these Sisters there are. It’s quite a fight and it becomes clear we need to perform a fighting retreat. We bludgeon our way free of Sisters and ghosts alike and we’re good! We give the Eye to Delasia Finchester as Reis hits on her mercilessly.

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