Blades In The Dark – Session 15

Fifteenth Session – The orphanage is besieged by a mob of ghosts!  Sent by the Dimmer Sisters. How shall we get away from them and put paid to the Dimmer Sisters?  Especially if their mansion has a load bearing ghost in it? 

Well, first we sneak out via the sewers and get some Centralia Club occultists to help us, then we lead the ghosts on a cab chase through the city and right into the Ghost Warden HQ (anti ghost cops), the Bellwether Crematorium. This generates a truly huge ghost on cop melee.

As usual it’s a very complicated and dangerous procedure to try to convince police of the truth, but we manage to extricate ourselves and convince the Spirit Wardens that these ghosts are from the Dimmer Sisters and they go protect the orphanage.

Over the next couple weeks the Spirit Wardens raid the Dimmer Sisters but apparently just take away their loot, so we decide to finally move on them. We head over and then it’s a scene from Monster House because the house itself is possessed. Reis exorcises it and it ends up partly collapsing.

We make our way into the basement and there’s a mess of Dimmer Sisters, some more lizardy than others, and some weird aquatic mutated llama demon, the Sodden One. We fight Sisters and people nearly get swallowed by the Sodden One – Kraid does get swallowed, once. Finally we trap it in a pit and seal it into an alternate dimension, kill most but take the one remaining Dimmer Sister as a hostage (the green eyed one, Reis hates killing hot women) and take ownership of the mansion by right of conquest.

A lot of fight! I like it when Reis gets lots of ghost-supernatural things to do because that’s his core competency.

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