Blades In The Dark – Session 16

Sixteenth Session – Our gang moves up to Tier 3 as a result of knocking out the Dimmer Sisters. So we go to begin our direct operations against our long term target Lord Strangford, by… Making a scene at his party!

We tier up which makes all our stuff better. Reis starts trying to rebuild the Dimmer Sisters’ place because he’s always wanted a haunted mansion of his own, and also lets his pal ghost Salia possess him and goes on a date with Delasia Finchester, not for the first time, it’s becoming his own Whisper kink. Hasten Doom goes to party with Marlene and inject more bear blood because he’s a crazed junkie now. And Marto makes more ghost biting dogs.

For those of you not reading carefully, this is also the culmination of a long running feud in the company. Private Pyle had said inappropriate things to our patron Delasia Finchester, so Reis had made Pyle go wash all the homeless people in the gang’s holdings. Some time after, someone mysteriously peed in Reis’ bed. So Reis set up an electroshock trap. Now this session, Pyle reports to Kraid with bad electrical burns to his junk.

We find out from Kraid’s special friend Captain Luckett that Lord Strangford is having a party, and now that we’re Tier 3 we imagine we can start to mess with him without getting wiped out immediately. So some folks go in as +1s for the more socially placed women, some sneak in and pretend to be footmen.

In a surprise move Strangford says he’s retiring and leaving all his Leviathan hunting fleet to Captain Luckett, which is a huge surprise to everyone. Hasten Doom and Marto search around for intel and find some weird shrine to a pelagic deity, probably a Leviathan. Marto has to kill a fellow Iruvian servant to prevent being detected and it unhinges him a bit and we have to extract the corpse as well to placate him. Reis and Kraid cause social strife in the party itself. We get out with a minimum of other conflict.

Looking over the liberated paperwork indicates that Strangford is getting some specific breed of demon-blooded horses to take out on his ships and sacrifice to bring a Leviathan to come and eat all of Duskvol because he’s super crazy and to get out of unfavorable long term commercial leases.

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