Jade Regent

Welcome to the session summaries for our Jade Regent campaign! We love Pathfinder and the Paizo adventure paths. We took a long break with Alternity in our last campaign, Lighthouse, and we were itching for some Pathfinder. And Jade Regent sounds awesome – it starts in the Varisian town of Sandpoint, the famous starting point of Rise of the Runelords AP, and then travels through Ulfen (Viking) lands to Tian Xia (the Asia of Golarion).  Fun stuff!  Vikings, Ninjas, who knows what else.

We’re not very impressed with the rules bloat in the recent major rules add-ons, so Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat (except for the samurai and ninja, due to the Asian theme) are off limits – core and Advanced Player’s Guide only.

The Session Summaries

The Characters

You may also be interested in our character creation house rules for this campaign.

9 responses to “Jade Regent

  1. I’m looking forward to this 🙂
    I’ve been reading the adventures with an eye to one day DM-ing them and they are great fun! I can’t wait to read of your adventures!

    • Thanks man. Enjoy! I haven’t actually blogged about the individual sessions yet but we have several in the can and they’re linked off the session summary chapter pages. Trying to get all caught up!

  2. Interesting. Are Aspects, Fate Points & Relationship scores part of Pathfinder, or did you houserule them in?

    • Aspects and Fate points are houseruled in from FATE; they work just about the same. Rerolls etc. Relationship scores are from the Jade Regent AP – that mechanic’s a little more wonky; I’ll post on it separately.

    • The other thing house-ruled in is the “badges.” We’re not using experience points, but I wanted a mechanism that allowed me to give rewards for completing side-missions. Thus I created the badges, each one can be earned by completing one of the side-missions in the adventure path.

      As soon as I introduced them the players started plotting to find a way to collect them all! Besides the pleasure of collecting, they each also get one fate point when the group gets a badge.

      • Hey by the way it was probably in email at some point but it might be nice for here and the dropbox to have the actual documented rules on the Fate points and whatnot…

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