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ENnie Nominees and Voting Guide

The big annual RPG awards, the ENnies, have narrowed down to their final list of nominees.  Fan voting begins on June 24th, when you get to vote and decide whose cuisine reigns supreme!  Here, pretend you’re watching FOX News, and I’ll tell you what to think to prepare you for the occassion.

Best Adventure

Analysis: You can’t beat the Paizo Adventure Paths, they are all brilliant.  Well, Second Darkness stumbled, but Howl of the Carrion King is back to the superb form of Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne.  No one makes adventures like this any more, if they ever did.  Big win!

Best Aid or Accessory

Analysis: Wolfgang Baur’s Kobold Quarterly is the real successor to Dragon Magazine.  Great content.  Plenty of interesting free stuff (interviews, etc.) on their Web site as well.

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Origins Award Finalists Announced

Per ICv2, the Origins Award finalists have been announced – the winners are announced at Origins in June.

As I don’t give a crap about all that stuff other than RPGs, here’ s the RPG finalists excerpted!


  • CthulhuTech by Catalyst Game Labs
  • D&D 4e Player’s Handbook by Retardation Studios
  • Mouse Guard RPG by Archaia Studios Press
  • Star Wars Saga Edition..  What?   I call shenanigans on this.  It was released in June 2007, even the WotC product page says so.
  • The Trail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane Press

RPG Supplements:

  • Buccaneers of Freeport by Green Ronin Publishing
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, by Mary Sue Productions
  • Hero Lab, by Lone Wolf Development
  • Serenity Adventures, by Margaret Weis Productions
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Wizards of the Coast

I have no vote for the RPG finalists – haven’t played any of them except 4e (sucks) and SW: Saga (good but from two years ago).  I definitely vote Buccaneers of Freeport for the supplements though.  I so love Freeport.

In fact – not only was SW: Saga from 2007, but CthulhuTech was a finalist last year as well!  What the hell?!?  Is this year’s crop of RPGs so shitty we have to pull last year’s in to make a solid spread of nominees?  Hmmm.  Well, it looks like CT was published through Mongoose initially but then switched publishers to Catalyst so it could come out as a full color hardcover…  I guess that’s enough of a change to merit resubmission.  What’s SW:Saga’s excuse?  Did Lucas issue a new version where Han doesn’t shoot first?

Nominate Now For the Indie RPG Awards

John Kim has opened the nominations for the 2008 Indie RPG Awards.  If you enjoyed an indie game published in 2008, go nominate it.  Voting is not by the public, but by some cabal of small press and indie RPG designers.  Registration’s through May and voting is in August, and winners are announced at Gen Con!

Bit of ENnies Furor

The ENnies are a set of yearly RPG awards put on by ENWorld.  I usually like the results, though I did note that the results seemed a bit wonky this year.  Now there’s a bit of breaking news; one of the ENnies judges, Zachary the First, has resigned over what he feels are unfair practices re: publisher favoritism and lack of transparency.   The ENnies have responded already at the bottom of their main page.

My take – Zachary’s whole thing about podcasts is a little drama queeny but he has some good points, the best of which (lack of transparency, bending of rules for publisher favorites) the ENnies don’t respond to in their statement.  Although I am not privy to anything going on over at the ENnies, I’ve been involved in a lot of online RPG organizations and they seem to attract people who like closeted power.  I resigned as VP of the Christian Gamers Guild over similar behavior, and saw the same thing with the RPGA especially regarding how Living Greyhawk was run (I was an original Triad for the Yeomanry region).

Whether it’s at the President of the US level or the online group of like 12 people level, there’s a lot of people who like to hoard power and make back room decisions, it validates them somehow.   (Many of these people end up as forum mods somehow.)  And for every one of those, there are five people who enable them by not calling them on their BS.  So, I don’t know whether Zachary is “in the right” or not, but I like to see people willing to call shenanigans on a group even when it is not in their interest to do so (no more free games for Zach this year!).   I raise a Lone Star to you.  Fight the power!

Indie RPG Award Winners!!!

Lest I be accused of giving more love to the Corp$, here’s a rundown of the Indie RPG awards, also presented at Gen Con yesterday!

I’ve done some value-add by hyperlinking them for you, apparently that’s what “the Man wants you to do” since they don’t bother on the awards site. Go there to read about all the runners-up, I like how they indicate point totals so you can see how close (or not) the race was. For example, Grey Ranks didn’t even have a close competitor for Best Game, pulling 52 points to Reign’s 29 in the category. Congratulations to all winners, runners-up,and nominees!

Here’s the complete nominee game list and supplement list. The ones that intrigue me the most personally are The Princess Game, The Dead (free), and Ave Molech (supplement).  But they’re all cool!

ENnies Winners!!!

The ENnies were announced last night at Gen Con, and here’s the winners! When I compare my picks to the results, I wonder… What’s all this love for Changeling? It looks OK, but “Best” in interior art and production values just isn’t supportable over the other entries – if I open Changeling and Alpha & Omega and just look at them, there’s no compare… In fact, Solomon Kane and Changeling were my picks for weakest entries in that field, and they’re the winners? Odd. Here, look at the A&O PDF preview. Can you honestly pop them open side by side and say that Changeling or Kane are anywhere in that league in production values? No, of course not. I support Changeling winning for writing and Kane for rules, but that’s just strange.

Here, let’s start by me giving you a medal summary, Olympics style!

  1. Paizo Publishing – 7 gold, 1 silver
  2. Wizards of the Coast – 5 gold, 5 silver
  3. White Wolf – 4 gold, 5 silver
  4. Green Ronin – 2 gold, 2 silver
  5. Malhavoc Press – 1 gold
  6. Pelgrane Press – 2 silver
  7. And then Pinnacle, Goodman, Fat Dragon, Kenzer, Lone Wolf, and Exile with one silver each.

Super congrats to big winner Paizo! It’s well deserved. I hear they already sold out of all of their Pathfinder RPG Beta stock at Gen Con in nine hours! Here’s the detailed list of awards, straight from EN World.

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Vote for the ENnies! Show some love!

Voting is open for the ENnie awards… Oh, crap! I went to the site to link it to this post, and it says they lost all the votes anyone cast Monday, actually up through Tuesday morning. That means me. OK, so if you want to vote or if you already voted and they hosed it up, go to ENnie Voting and cast your ballots for your favorite games. I guess I’ll do it again as I write this. Again, GO BACK AND VOTE IF YOU ALREADY VOTED BECAUSE THEY LOST YOUR VOTES. Some kind of Diebold-using chad-hanging conspiracy I’m sure.

I already mentioned some of my favorites that were nominated, but I’ll tell you who all I voted for after the jump!

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Award Season

Apparently the time has come for all the annual RPG awards. I like these because they turn me on to games that may be good that I haven’t heard of before. Especially this year, I’m surprised about all the games I’ve never heard of. The majority don’t have a single rpg.net review.

First, we have the 34th annual Origins Awards, already presented. I already posted on these; my biggest takeaways were that Aces & Eights and Codex Arcanis got the big wins and I had heard of neither one. My copy of Aces & Eights is in the mail, though! This got me interested and when Kenzer & Co. decided to exert their legal rights by putting out a 4e supplement without signing the hideous GSL, I was sold.

Next, we have the ENnies, which have the nominees set. I really liked RPGpundit’s line by line analysis of the nominees, it’s hilarious and I agree with a lot of it especially the categories I don’t care about. “Best Regalia” my ass. Although I think he’s too rough on some of the nominees – Alpha Omega certainly looks beautiful and cool from its PDF preview, and Aces & Eights seems fun too. Voting starts July 21!

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