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There’s No Escape From D&D Insider

It’s not often that D&D news makes its way into the mainstream media.  We had a bunch last year with the death of beloved curmudgeon E. Gary Gygax.  What’s next?

Well, in this case, Hasbro getting told off in the Consumerist about making it impossible to get out of D&D Insider.  Seems that it likes to get your credit card info and never let it go.

Luckily a brave blogger has figured out the right procedure to cancel and shared it.  If the java.lang.RuntimeExceptions don’t thwart you that is.

That’s corporate SOP; try to hook customers on your crap and don’t let them get out.  And the economy is making companies desperate to try this.  At work, many of our suppliers are trying to crank up their maintenance fees up to double the previous year’s in order to make up for down sales, hoping they have you over a barrel, with too much money already invested in to be able to jump ship.

But it’s not too late!  Those of you who’ve been decieved into thinking that 4e D&D is really Dungeons & Dragons but are slowly learning the horrible truth – escape now!  You can only be a couple hundred dollars into it so far.  Escape while you still can!

D&D Insider Ready To Go! And By “Go,” I Mean “Charge You For Nothing”

So no more than a week after they announced pulling the plug on Gleemax to focus on the electronics D&D Insider stuff that was supposed to launch with D&D 4e but didn’t, Wizards has announced the next part of D&DI that will be ready for players to use. Which is it?

Give up? That’s right, the new feature is that they’re going to start charging for it now. No, nothing more is coming online. Although they promise to get the DMG rules into the Rules Compendium. But you do get the honor of starting to pay $5 to $8 a month, depending on how many months you buy in advance. That’s so sweet that I’m having a hard time expressing how sweet it is.

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The Failure of Gleemax

Over at ENWorld, MerricB talks about Gleemax, the new Wizards of the Coast social software endeavor, and how bad it is, all its promises having become a gaping hole of suck. 

The new “D&D Insider” is clearly heading the same way.  This was supposed to be a lynchpin of D&D 4e, combining character builder, online reference library, online play, Dungeon Magazine, and Dragon Magazine for the not-so-low price of $14.95/month.  I find it entertaining that if you google for D&D Insider you get a link to a page that just throws a 500 error.  Oh, that looks like it’s all of Wizards’ site right now.  Sigh.  Anyway, in short they haven’t delivered on any of it yet, and only those unfamiliar with TSR/Wizards’ history with electronic products for D&D could ever think they would – they’ve screwed up every stab at it, ever.  The previews of online play have been uninspiring, their character builder looks awful, and their licensing etc. schemes are all half-baked and annoying.