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The Failure of Gleemax

Over at ENWorld, MerricB talks about Gleemax, the new Wizards of the Coast social software endeavor, and how bad it is, all its promises having become a gaping hole of suck. 

The new “D&D Insider” is clearly heading the same way.  This was supposed to be a lynchpin of D&D 4e, combining character builder, online reference library, online play, Dungeon Magazine, and Dragon Magazine for the not-so-low price of $14.95/month.  I find it entertaining that if you google for D&D Insider you get a link to a page that just throws a 500 error.  Oh, that looks like it’s all of Wizards’ site right now.  Sigh.  Anyway, in short they haven’t delivered on any of it yet, and only those unfamiliar with TSR/Wizards’ history with electronic products for D&D could ever think they would – they’ve screwed up every stab at it, ever.  The previews of online play have been uninspiring, their character builder looks awful, and their licensing etc. schemes are all half-baked and annoying.