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Pyramid Goes Monthly

Steve Jackson Games announced that their venerable Pyramid magazine, which was initally print and most recently has been weekly HTML, will be going to a monthly PDF format.  For $7.95/month, you get content equivalent to 4x the current weekly installment (so in other words, not an amount of content change, just a format/period change).

It’s still a great value for all those GURPSoids still lurking out there – Hi Bruce, I see you!

Now I want to talk about the most disturbing part of this announcement, however.

“The newsgroups will be closed down. Their functions have been taken over by our forums — including one especially for Pyramid! We recognize that some readers feel attached to the old NNTP format; however, the web forums are the current standard for message boards, and we need to serve the broader audience.”

Getting rid of NNTP?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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