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Steve Jackson Games State Of The Union

Steve Jackson,the company that publishes GURPS and Muchkin (if that’s news to you the rest of this is going to be helleboring), has just released their “Report to the Stakeholders: 2010” that gives an overall look at how they’re doing.

The good news: They’re doing well.  28 staff, profitable, $3M gross revenue.

The bad news: All their goals revolve around “sell more Munchkin.”  They only released one print GURPS release in 2009, mostly they’re going PDF.  Kinda sucks – 80% of their revenue is from Munchkin and 20% is from GURPS but there’s no GURPS goal…

The RPG company list on my blogroll keeps getting smaller as these companies eschew RPGs for board games.  Ah well.  I hear White Wolf might be giving it up as well and sunsetting RPGs for other stuff.

Props for the transparency though – did you know SJG openly lists how many units they sell on their e23 PDF sales site?

Pyramid Goes Monthly

Steve Jackson Games announced that their venerable Pyramid magazine, which was initally print and most recently has been weekly HTML, will be going to a monthly PDF format.  For $7.95/month, you get content equivalent to 4x the current weekly installment (so in other words, not an amount of content change, just a format/period change).

It’s still a great value for all those GURPSoids still lurking out there – Hi Bruce, I see you!

Now I want to talk about the most disturbing part of this announcement, however.

“The newsgroups will be closed down. Their functions have been taken over by our forums — including one especially for Pyramid! We recognize that some readers feel attached to the old NNTP format; however, the web forums are the current standard for message boards, and we need to serve the broader audience.”

Getting rid of NNTP?  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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