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Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Sixteenth Session

Sixteenth Session (10 page pdf) – “Lair of the Vampire” – It’s back to Rana Mor to retrieve Lavender Lil from the clutches of the vampiress. I leave it up to the players how much sex and violence there will be.  Hint: Lots!


Well, good thing I didn’t toss that Dungeon after they left Rana Mor, because they go right back.  I tried something new this time, which was to have the group vote on how much difficulty, complexity, ultraviolence, and eroticism they wanted in this session.  Go read the details of that in my previous post about Agile Session Ratings then come back here. Those were the values from this session, so I was trying for, on a 1-5 scale, Difficulty 3; Complexity 2; Ultraviolence 4; Eroticism 3.

The first part, briefing the crew before they left, was funny.  Sindawe wanted to get Big Mike to look out for the remaining elf woman captive. So he goes up to him and starts in on an oblique approach, with “Do you love your mother, Mike?” He gets convinced that Sindawe is threatening to kill his mother for some bizarre reason and eventually others have to intervene to calm a blubbering Mike so he can be given his orders and they can move on.

They take some Tear-possessed cultists into Rana Mor with them, which ends up being quite helpful. They have another fight in that darn dart room (third one!), this time with the vampire tiger, who doesn’t care about CON-draining darts as much as all the people do! It has all kinds of AC and defenses but not a lot of hit points, so a bunch of Burning Hands from the cultists do it in after it downs Sindawe. Then it’s time to fight a vampire stripper cleric!

Here’s Saeng Ki’s character sheet for your use! She’s under the influence of the Enemy’s Heart spell she cut out the elf captive’s heart to power.

When she hits the PCs with a negative energy burst, it caused this exchange:

Sindawe is surprised that the negative energy affects him and demands, “I’m evil! This shouldn’t hurt me! What use is there in being evil if negative energy can hurt you?”

Serpent replies, “You never have to say you’re sorry!”

Quite so.  Finally they recover Lil.  In the retrospective, I hit the Difficulty and Complexity dead on, but not enough gore and not near enough sex.  I tried to give some hooks early in the session with the “Kahina and JJ” thing and Little Mike trying to seduce some colonists, but the PCs were like “Uh huh on to the dungeon” and they weren’t in a mood to talk to Saeng Ki, so I couldn’t deliver on that count.  Maybe next time!

Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three, Fifteenth Session

Fifteenth Session (9 page pdf) – “Civil War, Part 2″ – We cover the mass combat that happened in the background last time.  The New World Order is put into place. And Lil is kidnapped by the vampire stripper!

Last time, we worried mainly about the PC on named NPC action.  This time, we resolve the mass combat between the pirate crew and cultists. The players run the crew and the major crew NPCs without having to be distracted about what their characters are up to.

It is hard fought.  Tommy gets a flame-slug inserted down his throat but refuses to give in, and takes a large amount of burning damage before he can expel it. Finally we reach the round in which the priest and Shining Child died and all the cultists (their parasites all have a telepathic link) bail and head back to the village.

But then comes the real wrinkle – Samaritha is panicked after nearly dying and reveals to Wogan that she is pregnant with Serpent’s child! Turns out their honeymoon tryst on Wedding Rock back in Nal-Kashel (Season Two, Session 24) overcame both the fact that Serpent is (mostly) human and Samaritha’s a disguised serpentfolk, and that serpentfolk are sterile in this age! She demands that he keep it secret, though.  Draaaaa-ma!!!

It’s always dramatically appropriate to do major personal unveils at the same time of major climaxes of violence.

And it gets worse – they return to the ship and Saeng Ki has kidnapped Lavender Lil and one of the two elf woman captives (the other was hidden in the hold). She knew they weren’t going to bring her the Flame of Guidance and wanted to give them some motivation. Sindawe wants to just kill her vampire tiger she left behind as a “message” and guide but Tommy won’t have any of it, knowing that Saeng Ki might kill (or worse) Lil if provoked… Sindawe continues down the path of “but vampire strippers are crazier than a bag of rabid goblins we should just leave” but finally relents and starts planning a rescue mission.

Pregnancy and Pirates

Last Reavers game session, I suddenly found myself playing a new RPG of pregnancy and pirates, we’ll call it “P&P” for the time being… This is the kind of pickle you find yourself in as a GM when sex is a component of your gameplay.

As background, this Viking barbarian/serpent shaman druid PC named “Serpent” has become involved with a half elf wizard woman named Samaritha (an NPC). Or at first he thought she was a half elf, turns out she’s a serpentfolk in disguise (they can alter their form). As he is all snake themed anyway, this turned out to not be a dealbreaker and so they’re an item.

Anyway, it started innocuously enough – Serpent was just BSing with the other PCs as they were buying supplies about how “Samaritha talks all the time.” Another PC suggested getting her pregnant, and the rest all jumped onto that discussion mainly just to make Serpent uncomfortable (though oddly, they all took the assumption that a pregnant woman would talk less at face value… I’m the only one of the group with a kid so I had to restrain myself from pointing out the flaw in this cunning plan…). They then talked about it again later at a bar, while at the same time asking around trying to gather information on a female pirate they are chasing, which led to the novel rumor that the fled pirate is pregnant with Serpent’s love child and he’s tracking her down to make an honest woman of her. So I thought it was a joke and they were all just busting his balls about it.

But the idea took root with frightening swiftness. Given that he’s a human and she’s a serpentfolk it would seem to be a somewhat intractable problem but the other PCs were seriously going to look into fertility potions/magic and the like to help their buddy out! (This is all before Samaritha is consulted on this plan of course).

And next session, Serpent totally sat Samaritha down and had a “let’s have a baby” conversation with her. She reveals that serpentfolk aren’t able to reproduce any more, that’s a big problem with their race. They had found a serpentfolk egg in stasis back in a previous adventure (taken from the Green Ronin Freeport trilogy by the way) – I had been downplaying that, and she’d stashed it, but now they discussed raising it as a backup plan – but I was surprised how invested everyone was with really making a pregnancy happen. And it got even a little more complicated because all serpentfolk born after a long, long time ago are degenerate barbarian types and they thought about doing some divination to figure out how the baby might turn out, that is if they could even conceive in the first place… The rest of the PCs had long left the joke part of this around and were quite engaged in this whole discussion and wondering how to make it happen.

I’ve never had having a kid come up in a campaign before so I guess I’m looking for advice… Though there’s a lot of different layers here. How could it happen with a serpentfolk and a human, just technically? How’s pregnancy at sea on a pirate ship going to work (and I guess it’s not like a full pregnancy, but semi and then she’ll lay an egg or something)? The odds are all against it but PCs have a way of making “things that haven’t happened in millenia” happen… I do keep a half decent edge to my game world where the difficulty and brutality of medieval life is present… Will I get on a government watch list for Googling “serpentfolk reproduction?” I don’t know, thoughts?

I am gratified, though, by the work I’ve put into the NPCs and the realistic feel of the campaign, and the investment of the PCs in the game world and their own characters, that this would even come up. For them to see Samaritha not just as a faceless NPC or “arm candy” is great, and to be immersed in the world enough to care about things other than “killing things and taking their stuff” – well that’s what roleplaying is supposed to strive for in my opinion.