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Help Haiti, Get Games

In case you don’t read any other gaming blog or forum, I thought I’d mention the Haiti earthquake relief effort RPGNow/DriveThruRPG is running.  You can donate $20 and you get free PDF products from a staggering number of companies in return – more than $1400 worth!  It’s like 180 different products.  And the cash goes to Doctors Without Borders, a “known good” charity (as opposed to, sadly, some of the dodgy ones that have sprung up to profit off the disaster).  You should consider donating more, just to help and not for graft, but there’s no harm in getting some graft for $20 of it!  (You can donate $5 or $10 instead, and they match it, but no freebies.)  As of this writing they’ve raised $72,125!!!  I bet you didn’t know there were even that many gamers that knew how to get to the Internet.  🙂

They’ve had such demand that they’re totally overwhelmed, you can’t download yet – but no rush.  If you haven’t yet, go check this out!