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D&D 4e – A Board Game?

In a post on his blog, John Wick makes some very good points about the differing goals of a board game (victory) and a roleplaying game (character development) and argues that D&D, especially 4e as it’s cast, is more of a board game than anything else.

Now, a lot of the people in my gaming group hate John Wick with the fury of a thousand suns, because he is an asshole.  I concede this point; however, he’s an asshole who frequently makes good points.  I see their point too, however – his anecdote about his thief named Rav seems to be an example of people who “roleplay” as a thinly veiled excuse to make the other gamers’ lives more difficult.  Although perhaps he would have stuck by his ideals and, if the rest of the party had caught him stealing and decided to lynch him for it, applauded the resulting story.

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First Runelords “Stone Giants” Session Summary Posted

It’s been a long haul, but we’ve now started Fortress of the Stone Giants, the fourth installment in the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path! Nothing subtle about these bad boys. Also, some more full character sheets are up on the main campaign page.

Fortress of the Stone Giants Part I

Our special Spring Break adventure follows the standard format of a Spring Break vacation. A road trip, gossip, shopping, violence, assessing the damage, and fleeing the scene.

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Glimpse of the Abyss Review

My review of Glimpse of the Abyss, a monster book for Feng Shui (and the last planned book in the line) is up at RPG.net.  Read and enjoy!  Also, I hear that the Hero Games “Asian Bestiary” series has good Asian-themed monsters to use in a pinch!  I’m a sucker for fighting against demons, monsters, etc. in my Feng Shui games.  In fact, if you want a freebie, I wrote up an entire Feng Shui convention scenario based on the anime Blue Seed that has some monster-kickin’ fun!  Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

Sixth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

Finally, we completed the third chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, “The Hook Mountain Massacre.”  We put as many sessions into Hook Mountain as into the previous two chapters combined!

Twelfth Session – The Hook Mountain Massacre Part VI

The fun part about this is that Xanesha is becoming our main recurring supervillain, which is a deviation from the scenarios’ plots.  But she keeps escaping, getting tougher, and starting new evil plans. 

Our PCs are getting into the whole gig of running the Black Arrows – we all have Black Arrow tattoos now and have put a lot of work into making them a force to reckon with.  We got the local Hellknight to send us lots of recruits, got the Lord Mayor of Magnimar to send us an officer corps that wasn’t criminals, rebuilt and enhanced the keep, and have equipped our guys with the best captured equipment a sword can buy.  After frequent PC-led reconnaisance in force missions into the wilderness, they’re a tough bunch!

Fifth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

As we continue through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, our intrepid group has gotten most of the way through the third installment (of six).  Thrill to our experiences in Hook Mountain, which was full of ogres and featured a stone giant necromancer!

The Hook Mountain Massacre Part V

Alas, we met with tragedy – one of our heroes will never rise again.  Hulmar Benk, Lord of Fort Rannek, was cruelly felled before his time by an ogre’s hook.  A moment of silence, if you will.

RPG Superstar Final Round is Here!

Paizo Publishing’s excellent RPG Superstar contest is in its final round, and the four finalist’s complete adventure proposals are up! Read them, evaluate them, and vote!

However it turns out, compliments to all the participants and especially the final four, Christine Schnieder, Clinton Boomer, Jason Nelson, and Rob McCreary!

Fourth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

More hot giant killing action in Part IV of the Hook Mountain Massacre!  Well, wuss giants – ogres, trolls, and an ettin.  My character, Valgrim, is honing his summoning skills as a Malconvoker.
Next time, we hit Hook Mountain itself.  Victory or death!