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Vintage RPG Stuff On Sale At Paizo!

Paizo bought out a regional distributor, American Eagles, and has loads of classic RPG stuff they are selling at list price on the (excellent) Paizo store.  More is being added monthly. Let’s take a look and see what gems are hidden therein…

My recommendations from their May batch… I liked Top Secret/S.I. Some of it was crap like the over the top goofy Roger Moore at his worst – Operation: Starfire and F.R.E.E.Lancers, and the “Web” bad guys that seemed dated and 1980s even then.  But the Commando supplement was great, one of the better small unit military supplements for an RPG.  Buy Commando, Brushfire Wars, and Covert Operations Vol. 1 for some great spy action.

Speaking of spy action, they have James Bond adventures!  I especially liked the original ones NOT based on a movie – like You Only Live Twice II.  We usually used the Feng Shui rules to play James Bond to be honest, but the adventures and stuff were good.

Oh, dang, they have the Mayfair D&D stuff!!!  I have all the Demons stuff including the Denizens and that’s all really great material.

From their June collection – a lot of Talislanta, which is a very interesting and fully realized fantasy world different from the average (“No Elves!” was a marketing slogan). They also have an economy sized load of Marvel Super Heroes, that was a fun game. Can’t argue with superhero adventures! They have some 2e gear including Spelljammer, but Spelljammer generally just makes me incontinent.

Stay tuned for more old time gaming goodness… I would buy some more of it if it were discounted, but at least it’s not price-jacked-up like most guys selling old stuff online.

Free Downloads From Paizo

Did you know Paizo has a link to get to all the various free PDF products people have listed in their store?  Neither did I.  But here it is!  There’s some good stuff in there, for various game systems.

RPGNow has a similar link which is super easy to find, but Paizo’s store is a little more cryptic, so it’s my Gamer Tech Tip Of the Day!

Download them, read them, use them – and if you like them, review them on the site.  Publishers give freebies so people can see the quality of their work; if you use a freebie that’s good, say so!  It encourages people to buy their stuff and then encourages more freebie giving to you.