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Vintage RPG Stuff On Sale At Paizo!

Paizo bought out a regional distributor, American Eagles, and has loads of classic RPG stuff they are selling at list price on the (excellent) Paizo store.  More is being added monthly. Let’s take a look and see what gems are hidden therein…

My recommendations from their May batch… I liked Top Secret/S.I. Some of it was crap like the over the top goofy Roger Moore at his worst – Operation: Starfire and F.R.E.E.Lancers, and the “Web” bad guys that seemed dated and 1980s even then.  But the Commando supplement was great, one of the better small unit military supplements for an RPG.  Buy Commando, Brushfire Wars, and Covert Operations Vol. 1 for some great spy action.

Speaking of spy action, they have James Bond adventures!  I especially liked the original ones NOT based on a movie – like You Only Live Twice II.  We usually used the Feng Shui rules to play James Bond to be honest, but the adventures and stuff were good.

Oh, dang, they have the Mayfair D&D stuff!!!  I have all the Demons stuff including the Denizens and that’s all really great material.

From their June collection – a lot of Talislanta, which is a very interesting and fully realized fantasy world different from the average (“No Elves!” was a marketing slogan). They also have an economy sized load of Marvel Super Heroes, that was a fun game. Can’t argue with superhero adventures! They have some 2e gear including Spelljammer, but Spelljammer generally just makes me incontinent.

Stay tuned for more old time gaming goodness… I would buy some more of it if it were discounted, but at least it’s not price-jacked-up like most guys selling old stuff online.

Paizo Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale – Hit It Now!

They have a lot of great stuff on sale at paizo.com in their Black Friday sale! Real print products from a wide variety of companies!

For example, the Goodman Games Wicked Fantasy Factory adventures I used in Reavers are $1-$2 each, as are the Green Ronin Bleeding Edge adventures.  And they have big heavily discounted bundles of Adventure Path stuff – get an entire back AP with support books for one low price (or individual ones you’re missing for half off), or a set of themed supplements and adventures! And stuff for all kinds of other game systems, from Warhammer Fantasy 2e to Babylon 5.  There’s old Dragon and Dungeon magazines… Adventures, minis, flip-mats, cute Cthulhus – you can get it all!

Best Buys At DriveThruRPG Sale

DriveThruRPG is having a “Christmas in July” sale on many of their PDF products.  In fact, so many are on sale it’s pretty hard to navigate them using their fairly basic interface.  So here’s a couple “best buys.”

1.  Star Thugs!  I love this darkly humorous science fiction game, even wrote a RPG.net review for it.  On sale for $8.

2.  Various from Mongoose Publishing!  There’s a lot of Conan, which is fun.  But even better, there’s the best named RPG supplement ever.  That’s right, “Adolf Hitler – Porn Star,” for Macho Women with Guns.  For $3.36 can you really afford not to own that?

3.  Look out for Charlie in the trees while you conduct a Zippo raid on some hooch in the DMZ with Palladium’s Deluxe Revised Recon, the ultimate Vietnam War RPG!  $7.49 (usually $25).  And also the add-on Advanced Recon for $2.99.

4.  Spycraft stuff for $4.50 a pop from Crafty Games.  I’ll be honest, I loved Spycraft but then version 2 seemed to go for the annoying “huge long list of definitions” school of game design.  And even in 1.0 I thought the “Shadowforce Archer” stuff was way too “over the top”.  But the 1.0 rules, supplements, and adventure were great.  Most of them are here, marked as “Classic Spycraft,” including the splatbooks and the excellent Battlegrounds and Gentleman’s Agreement.

There’s probably a lot more, it’s just that it’s really hard to page through all of it – there are hundreds of products on sale and if you are in the “Christmas in July ” section you can’t use the rest of the faceted nav in the left navbar, you can only use a by-publisher dropdown which in many cases reveals 10+ pages of items.  Go look and report back with your best finds!  I need some to buy ( I have all my picks from above except Advanced Recon.  Yes, that means I already own Adolf Hitler – Porn Star).

Discount Gaming In Practice

A number of blog posts recently have been discussing the effects of the economy on gamers and related.  Well, I’ve been approaching this topic of making my gaming dollar go farther by leveraging spiffy sales when they arise!

Here’s my three latest hauls.

1.  From the Paizo store sale trying to unload all the remaining d20 books before end of year when existing d20-branded had to be destroyed.  (aka the Wizards Hates You Sale), especially Atlas and Green Ronin stuff.  (Don’t tell the WotC stormtroopers, but it looks like they still have some d20 on sale at wildly discounted prices – like $2 for softbacks and $5 for hardbacks.)  I got:

  • Thieves’ World Player’s Manual, the d20-based PHB for a low magic dark fantasy RPG set in Lynn Abbey’s famous shared literary world, “Thieves’ World”
  • Shadowspawn’s Guide to Sanctuary, a guide to the primary setting of Thieves’ World, the city of Sanctuary
  • Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, a TW adventure
  • Dark Wings Over Freeport, a d20 Freeport adventure

I’ve enjoyed reading the Thieves’ World stuff.  I’m a sucker for TW, Vlad Taltos, and other fantasy-urban-grit settings.  Freeport’s my favorite, and if nothing else I’ll crib a lot for it.  The TW magic system is cool though, very different from normal D&D.

2.  Our local gaming store, Rogue’s Gallery, has an annual inventory clearance sale.  Each week they increase the base discount and you roll 2d6 for additional discount – a clever hook that appeals to a gamer’s heart.  So for 50 + 2d6% off, I got:

  • Aletheia, a semi-recent indie game that does a good job of facilitating investigation-oriented play
  • d20 Modern Critical Locations, mainly pretty urban floorplans
  • Asian Bestiary I and II for HERO System – they were recommended to me long ago as sources for Asian monsters, but I didn’t want to pay full price because I don’t use HERO
  • Dark Champions – Well, but I did play a HERO: Sidekick (lite edition) short campaign, and I’ve heard about Dark Champions for a long time, it’s their low powered supers/modern action milieu
  • Lockdown, a supermax jail supplement for Mutants & Masterminds I’ve always wanted; it came out after my M&M campaign ended so I never wanted to go full price on it

Been reading through these.  Still not sold on the crunchiness of the HERO system, but Dark Champions oozes cool.

Oh, and I bought Savage Worlds new, but it’s only $10 list price!  Our gaming group was easily talked into a new Savage Worlds campaign at that price point.

3.  Half Price Books.  HPBs usually have a big RPG section.  Sometimes it’s just old 2e PHBs, first edition White Wolf and old GURPS, but sometimes you can get some pretty sweet stuff that’s selling for full price a couple doors down.  I raided one recently and got:

  • Tome of Corruption, a guide to Chaos, Chaos cults, mutations, and the like for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
  • Tome of Salvation, a guide to the religions of the WFRP setting
  • Sigmar’s Heirs, a guide to the Empire of WFRP
  • Plundered Vaults, a set of adventures for WFRP

I never knew much about Warhammer, though I did get a copy of the original “very used” many years ago and it was intriguing.  Since Green Ronin, one of the outfits I respect the most, was involved with the new one I got it.  I liked it, but not being one of those long term Warhammer wonks out there I didn’t know crap about the setting etc.  This set of books pretty much does the trick of getting me oriented between the Empire, Chaos, etc. and sends me on some adventures.  Nice!

You just have to be patient and opportunistic…

Other d20 Clearance Stuff

As I poke around more, there are a lot of other d20 publishers doing sales on paizo.com – see their sale page. The economy sucks, make your dollar go farther by stocking up and using all this swag in your Pathfinder campaigns!

Atlas Games – their Penumbra modules were always my “second favorite” after Green Ronin in the heyday of d20.  (Now that Paizo is kicking butt they’re in #3 for me, but still very good!)  Also they have some innovative stuff like Nyambe: African Adventures (I have that already) and Northern Crown, set in a fantasy North America.  “Touched by the Gods” is a great supplement. It’s mostly 3.0-ey and not 3.5-ey but still good.

Don’t miss their miscellany “d20 Clearance” section – some Forgotten Realms stuff and other WotC, some Babylon 5, Oathbound, Eden Studios d20 modules…

And of course, PDFs of most of the Goodman Games “Dungeon Crawl Classics” adventures.  Not my cup of tea, I’m not nostalgic for 1e, but loads of folks love them.

There’s some other stuff but the discounts aren’t deep enough yet.  Come on d20 publishers, time to recoup a little cash!  I’m not gonna pay $10 for your random lil’ d20 book but I’ll pay $2-$5!

Buy Up Green Ronin d20 Stock Now!

Since Wizards has decided to be big ol’ buttplugs and eliminate the old d20 license, a lot of publishers are having to destroy their d20 stock by a WotC-mandated deadline.  But in the meantime, this means sales!  And Green Ronin is having a “Green Ronin Apocalypse Sale” on paizo.com you can’t afford to miss.

My favorites?  Well, anything Freeport, for one.  The first adventure I bought for D&D 3e was “Death in Freeport,” from Green Ronin, at Gen Con 2000 when 3e released.  Our gaming group loved the pirate haven of Freeport and ran campaigns in and around there for years.  They’re selling a number of Freeport products but the most important is The Freeport Trilogy, all three of the classic Freeport modules in one, updated for 3.5e.

Also, their “Bleeding Edge Adventures” are very good.  Strong story and interesting locales and characters.  Not just dungeon crawls!  I own them all already.

Then, depending on what you like, they have a variety of variant setting d20 RPGs – from Thieves’ World to Testament to Rome to Egypt…   d20 Modern stuff, and also some of the most solid D&D rules supplements from any 3p publisher.  Book the the Righteous is great.  I have Ultramodern Firearms d20…

Don’t let any of it burn, buy it up now!