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Track Your Treasure

Ah, killing people and taking their stuff.  It’s great fun, but in this era of Christmas Tree Syndrome it’s hard to keep up with all that loot!

The GM tells you about some stuff when you loot your dead opponents – and a lot of details are held till later (magic, street value). Sometimes no one writes it down, and that item is lost forever.  Sometimes multiple people write it down and you have a conflict later on. Sometimes when you go back and ask the GM “OK so was that morningstar magic?” he responds “what morningstar? You mean two or three sessions ago? I have no idea.”

For our Pathfinder games, I developed a solution.  (It’ll work for any game though.) It’s an easy to use Excel spreadsheet that you use to log treasure, distribute treasure, and handle selloffs and money splitting. So I’m sharing it with you! (cc-attribution-sharealike).

The Geek Related Treasure Distribution Spreadsheet

It has an instructions tab, but here’s how it works.  When you get loot you log it on the Party Treasure tab with who you got it from and when thus:


Then any time someone claims an item, you cut and paste it to the Distributed Treasure tab and add who got it and when thus:



And you never have to worry again! It makes organizing distributions easy, and selling off unwanted loot and splitting the profits. Money is handled slightly differently on the Coinage tab thus:


It has a couple formulas but it’s not fancy, mainly it’s just a well thought out format that is a) really fast to enter when you’re in the middle of a game and b) efficient to do distributions and sell-offs. Now the GM has some context to help him remember that maybe-magic morningstar (Oh, the dead cultists right after the temple to Torag, right…), you know who got a piece of loot, and most importantly no valuable treasure just goes missing. We often do a big selloff at the end of a session when someone’s had to hurry off – now they can just go look and see how much money they got out of it.

And it’s entertaining to review late in a campaign. It’s like a historical record of things that happened.  (We gave two snake corpses to a mole-man?  Oh yeah, I remember that…).  It’s amazing how big the spreadsheet gets, when we get finished with an Adventure Path we look back and there’s four-hundred-odd entries… Add extra tabs for other stuff you need to track (like I added a tab to track army food and stores for Wrath of the Righteous, or caravan food and stores for Jade Regent). Your party will love you for it! Once we started doing this we got hooked and now every single campaign has a big ol’ treasure spreadsheet at the end of it.

It works best if you put it in a Dropbox so everyone in the group can view/edit it from their computers and phones and stuff. Enjoy!  Feel free and ask questions about its use after you’ve given it a look.


How We Track Treasure Nowadays

Tracking treasure and its distribution has always been a bit of a pain. How much loot has been lost because it got tossed in a bag “for distribution later” and then forgotten?

For our Jade Regent campaign, I got tired of it (and of how much time we spent on doing distributions) so I came up with this Excel spreadsheet format. Warning: It has all our treasure in it, so there’s spoilers for the first two chapters of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

We keep the spreadsheet on a common Dropbox so all of us can get to it at the game and at home. Whenever we get stuff it immediately goes onto the Party Treasure tab. We note where it’s from so that when we ask our DM two sessions later about identifying or pricing “that toad statue” we can help him figure out where the heck it came from.

Once we pause and do a distribution, all distributed items go to the Distributed Treasure tab. Some of our players aren’t real sharp about writing things down, which is fine if it’s just them sucking due to not keeping their stuff straight but some items are plot related. Also sometimes we have to do distributions when someone’s not there, so this way they know what stuff we gave them last session.

Then there’s a separate Coinage tab for raw cash with a running total of “party funds” and once it gets high enough we dole out shares.

Since this is Jade Regent our caravan has a separate economy of its own, and we track that on the Caravan tab.

We’ve found it very helpful. I don’t like clotting up the session summaries with loot lists (though I’m having trouble breaking Bruce of doing so) and too often it’s one guy who writes it all down in pencil and then loses the list between sessions.  Welcome to TECHNOLOGY!  Feel free and download it and use it yourself, just tell them Geek Related sent you!