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D&D Makes You Confident and Successful

This video has Mike Rugnetta from PBS’ Idea Channel.  He uses Heidegger and Vin Diesel to prove that playing D&D makes you an all around better person.  Just in time for Romney to pull all his funding.

Via Topless Robot

Blood On The Game Dice

I have no words. Bonus: O Fortuna from Carmina Burana.

Don’t Miss The Latest PSA!

If you’re smart, you watch all the hilarious D&D PSA videos! But somehow, one of their latest didn’t make it onto the playlist. Watch D&D PHB PSA part 50 – 50 Unconfirmed Rumors About 4th Ed! #50 comes between 42 and 43 for some reason. But it has Hennet! And 25 other fave PSA characters! Blackrazor, invisible Christopher Walken, NecroLarry, Morthos, Lidda, Mialee, and… TORDEK RULES ASS!!!

P.S. They’re all true!!!

Game Geeks Video Reviews

In case you haven’t come across them, the “Game Geeks” present very well done video RPG reviews on YouTube.   Here’s their latest, on Burning Empires.   Very professional, this one hooked me and I’m gunning my way through the older reviews now!