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RPG Communities Traffic Compared

Did you know that you can see an estimate of any Web site’s traffic, gathered by Alexa (a subsidiary of amazon.com)?  It’s just an estimate from people that have the Alexa toolbar installed, but that’s “millions” of users and it’s generally considered valid.  I thought I’d run some of our favorite RPG communities through Alexa and see what happened!

Unfortunately, you can’t put JavaScript into WordPress so I can’t paste the pretty graph.  But you can do it yourself and verify my findings.  I thought I’d put in rpg.net, enworld.org, paizo.com, therpgsite.com, rpglife.com, wizards.com, rpgbloggers.com,and some others.  The numbers are in “percent of daily reach,” which means what percent of the internet goes there on a given day.  For comparison, wordpress.com is 3%.  (The #1, Google, is 30%).  A fraction of 1% isn’t bad – the company I work for makes tens of millions of dollars a month through its Web site and its reach is listed as .0065% (about 2 million visits per month).  The results are interesting…

1.  All of the RPG sites’ traffic has been dropping off badly.  From July to September, the leader, wizards.com, had its estimated daily reach drop steadily from .06% to .025%.  Other sites had drops too, on average all of them are off nearly 50% in 3 months!  Why is this, especially during convention season?  Perhaps it’s reflective that all the releases from gaming companies and all the news from the cons seems to be board game crap and not RPGs.

2.  Rankings!

  • Wizards was #1 by far, as expected, with 0.261%.  If they could deliver on something digital and monetize it they might be cooking with gas 😛
  • rpg.net is solidly in #2, with .0044%.
  • sjgames.com in there at .0023%!  Pyramid still keeping the GURPS crowd strong.  Woot!
  • paizo.com and enworld.org are tied at .0018%.  In fact, ENWorld used to be way above Paizo, but Paizo has been holding steady and not losing traffic (well, only 11%, which is the best of any of these) and has now crossed over to be on top.  Indicative of Pathfinder being better than 4e?  I’ll say yes!
  • White Wolf has had the worst losses.  It was as high as .01 3 months ago and has dropped off to be just below Paizo and ENWorld.  What’s up guys?
  • privateerpress.com in at .00092%, with only 36% loss over the last 3 mos.
  • d20srd.org, at .00088%!  Those boys need to get some ad revenue going!
  • alderac.com (AEG) still at .00067% despite a 57% 3 month loss.  They’re barely RPG publishers any more but I thought I’d list them.
  • peginc.com – Pinnacle Entertainment, the Savage Worlds guys, .00062%
  • palladiumbooks.com – Rifts still holding strong, at .00062% as well.

Below this, at traffic ranks below 100,000, Alexa says samples are low enough you can’t guarantee reliability.  But, it’ll show ya numbers anyway – and I see:

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