Gary Gygax Passes Away

Unfortunately, D&D co-creator and gaming luminary Gary Gygax has passed away.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family; my family and gaming group are saddened by his passing.

This may seem strange to some folks because I have certainly not been a fan of his later era work; I’m firmly of the belief that RPGs have evolved and though AD&D 1e was seminal, it isn’t something I want to play today.  I didn’t think much of his endless retreads of it as “Danjerous Journeys/Lejendary Adventures/Pjining for the Fjords” or even the other non-Gygax 1e nostalgia stuff (Kalamar, etc.) and have been outspoken about it.  For his part, he called me “fatuous and jejeuene” on his mailing list for my views.  (Yes, I had to look it up.)  But regardless of all that, he started D&D and carried the torch for RPGs, and the hobby wouldn’t be around, most likely, without him.  So props, Gary Gygax!  

It brings to my mind the similar case of Linus Pauling, renowned scientist.  He spent the latter part of his career going around trying to convince everyone that Vitamin C was a universal cure-all.  Not so much, but it doesn’t detract from his huge accomplishments.   (Sorry for the esoteric nature of this example, I’m an electrical engineer, sue me.  Go read the Wikipedia article linked above if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

Ah, a friend forwarded an interview with Gary that you may find interesting – billed as “The Ultimate Interview with Gary Gygax“, you get to hear a lot about the ups and downs at TSR from the ultimate insider!   Consider it my gift to you so you don’t get all irate that I didn’t love every word he ever said and start flaming me.

One response to “Gary Gygax Passes Away

  1. My five year old daughter was moved by the news of Gary’s death, she knows I play Dungeons & Dragons all the time. Her statement on the subject:

    “He was a good man and I wish he couldn’t die and he was really nice making Daddy’s games. I thought it would be fun to make this for him. I hope he has a good time laying under there in the ground.”

    She inquired if D&D books would still be sold in stores and I assured her they would. She asked if they’d put a sticker on them saying “Gary, rest in peace under the sweet sweet ground.” I told her I wasn’t sure about that one.

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