Intergalactic Cooking Challenge

I was just in my FLGS and saw this, it looks hilarious! It’s an indie game (originally a 24 hour RPG) in which the PCs are engaged in comedic Iron Chef-like antics with aliens.

Intergalactic Cooking Challenge

I’m glad it was in the store – RPGs are fringe enough; people who rely on Lulu or whatever instead of putting their books in game stores – sorry, but I’ve never bought a POD without looking at it and not sure I ever will. Of course I’m not a big fan of buying PDFs either, unless it’s something I can’t lay my hands on otherwise (like the list of things I bought at RPGNow recently) or unless I can check it out first (not that I’d know how to lay my hands on RPG PDFs for free…).


One response to “Intergalactic Cooking Challenge

  1. Daniel Yokomizo

    It seems that the 24h game version is available at

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