Other d20 Clearance Stuff

As I poke around more, there are a lot of other d20 publishers doing sales on paizo.com – see their sale page. The economy sucks, make your dollar go farther by stocking up and using all this swag in your Pathfinder campaigns!

Atlas Games – their Penumbra modules were always my “second favorite” after Green Ronin in the heyday of d20.  (Now that Paizo is kicking butt they’re in #3 for me, but still very good!)  Also they have some innovative stuff like Nyambe: African Adventures (I have that already) and Northern Crown, set in a fantasy North America.  “Touched by the Gods” is a great supplement. It’s mostly 3.0-ey and not 3.5-ey but still good.

Don’t miss their miscellany “d20 Clearance” section – some Forgotten Realms stuff and other WotC, some Babylon 5, Oathbound, Eden Studios d20 modules…

And of course, PDFs of most of the Goodman Games “Dungeon Crawl Classics” adventures.  Not my cup of tea, I’m not nostalgic for 1e, but loads of folks love them.

There’s some other stuff but the discounts aren’t deep enough yet.  Come on d20 publishers, time to recoup a little cash!  I’m not gonna pay $10 for your random lil’ d20 book but I’ll pay $2-$5!

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