Pathfinder iPhone Apps?

I was just listening to a big ol long video of Erik Mona speaking on “Pen & Paper Gaming in the 21st Century” that Louis Porter Jr, had posted on his blog, and he mentions that Paizo has three iPhone apps in the works.  Watch starting around 26 minutes in.

Specifically he describes the “Live Character Sheet” for Pathfinder – add all your stats and stuff there.  One person casts Bless – you can see the other iPhones on the local network and select what characters get Blessed – and then it takes care of counting down rounds for you.”  Nice! Suck it, Digital Initiative.

He talks about other technology stuff like Surface and ARGs, PDF publishing, POD, etc.  Check it out!

11 responses to “Pathfinder iPhone Apps?

  1. Brilliant. All this, and Wizards still haven’t sorted out the online tools which were supposed to be ready at launch.

  2. The three apps are in final testing now. Then they go to the Apple store, and my understanding is that it takes some time (maybe about a month) before they are available. So we’re still looking at at least a few months before they become available.

    I’m also not sure if the networking feature will be part of the Live Character Sheet on launch. In the time since that keynote it’s become much clearer to me which features would be part of the app and which would be in development for later down the road, and I think the networking part is in the latter category, alas.

  3. Hopefully there are plans for some Android versions too down the line?

  4. In the meantime, check out the lightweight Pathfinder reference document in this app:

    It features the OGL PRD fully browseable, bookmarking, and a landscape view for reading tables. It works very well as the during-session lookup companion!

  5. So did these apps die quiet death or are they “still in production”? Also will the apps be available for us Blackberry users too?

  6. No word for a long time. I assume they died. Sad.

    From time to time I prod a thread on the Paizo forums about it

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