Jade Regent – The Hungry Storm, Session 5

Fifth Session (13 page pdf) – The Caves of Desna (aka Mines of Moria) are rough on a caravan.  We lose some levels and stuff to undead and then come into contact with infinite yetis!  We kill infinity minus one of them.

We travel through the caves with our whole caravan to bypass the storms. It’s totally full of undead.  We have Invisibility to Undead but we also have spastic party members that can’t resist attacking them and dispelling it for all of us.  So there’s that. Bjorn did get some 3l33t ghost killing gear out of it though.

When we encountered the yeti, we figured there was something wrong (they’re normally not organized and warlike) and I knew they’d come after us.  So we carefully set an ambush with Harwynian’s new spell Firefall.  We carefully set out a 60′ perimeter from the stairs and waited.  Sadly, Harwynian – out of forgetfulness or from deliberately being a douche, we’re still not sure – neglected to tell us there’s a 120′ blindness effect. I tried to use my samurai strategy ability to let everyone get a free move back into an enclosed space, but of course the usual suspects decided they were way too buff to retreat 30′ even when blinded and outnumbered! Of course this forces us to not abandon them to their folly, but to pour healing and help into them despite it. So what should have been a turkey shoot nearly killed us.  But I’m not bitter.

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