Skull & Shackles Minis

OK, after I got all my Reapers Bones minis I tried to tell myself I didn’t need any more minis. But then Paizo/Wizkids came out with their Pathfinder prepainted plastic Skull & Shackles minis that are all piratey.  And I’m still running  my years-long Reavers pirate campaign

So I gave in and got a brick from my favorite cheapest-on-the-Web source, RPG Locker. They came in and they’re sweet!  Lots of pirates, but also the Large minis are a lot more impressive.  In each booster is 3 small/mediums and one Large. None were broken or missing and unboxing was simple. [Ed. Later when looking at mini pics online I have come to realize my Greater Host Devil is broken and missing his wings.]

I’m getting set to run Razor Coast and pretty much all of these minis are perfect for it…

Without further ado here’s some pics! First some pirates and folk.  Some of those are “named characters” and some aren’t, but they’re all just as well done!


The sharks really impressed me, especially the hammerhead. Really thick, has a threatening plumpness to him. Note the paint job on the multiple rows of teeth on the other shark!




Now some of the larges. Check out the naga!  There’s also a medium version.


And the scrag, or sea troll.  The land troll looks a little small and wimpy, but this guy is huge!


When I opened this box I screamed “OH GOD NO WHAT IS IT!?!”  Apparently a “drowning devil.”  The largest and most menacing of all of them.


And a lady-faced spider.  Not an aranea.  Not a phase spider.  Yet another, a “Paeta.”  But ignore that and use the mini for all of them!


Action shot with a medium guy facing off against them!


A bunch of really nice minis!

4 responses to “Skull & Shackles Minis

  1. Nice. If I had room for minis, I’d be buying the WizKids Pathfinder sets as they come out, but sadly space is at a premium for me. I do have the entire set of the Rise of the Rune Lords minis though.

    Did the brick you purchased come with any of the huge figurines, or did it only have the boosters for the mediums/larges in it?

  2. Bricks only come with the normal; I think you get the huge skeletal dragon with a case.

    • Each set should have 4 or so huge figurines available as well. They come in a different sort of booster, it’s a much larger box. The Skeletal Dragon is the colossal figure for this set, buying a case allows you the option of buying one of them as well. The colossal for the Rise of the Rune Lords set was the rather impressive rune giant.

    • Ah, hang on. Looks like they didn’t do the huge minis this time. Must not have been much in the adventure path that required them.

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