Wrath of the Righteous Chapter Four, The Midnight Isles – Second Session

Shemhazian Demon

Shemhazian Demon

Second Session (13 page pdf) – We go to the Abyss and murder our way up the wandering monster chart till everyone leaves us alone. And then we go to the big city!

This session is a lot of fights.  We fight to close the gate to the Abyss (with us on the Abyss side) and then we fight random demon attack after random demon attack until finally we kill a shemhazian – a 35 foot tall 12 ton killing machine.  We set its decapitated head upon the battlements of our magical fortress – and the random encounters suddenly stop. Mission accomplished.

Then we go into a big demon city with a clever disguise!

As the characters look around like rubes, a thanadaemon steps in front of them. “Are you escaped prisoners? Do not lie, I will know it!”

Calanthe answers, “We are not. We are here for our own reasons. I am a succubus and this is my cult. And I am shopping for shoes.”

“Would you like me to serve as your guide? I would be happy to do so in exchange for a soul.”

“I don’t think so.”

“If you reconsider, please call for me first. My name is Xugunfarishandoon.”


Xugunfarishandoon gets back into its boat and paddles away.

Daemons are stupid.

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