Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-sixth Session

PZO9536_500Twenty-sixth Session (11 page pdf) – “Deepmar Prison Blues” – The Wandering Dagger was destroyed and the Teeth of Araska badly damaged. They decide to put in at a nearby prison colony to refit (and maybe recruit) – but the place is strangely abandoned! They start repairs and investigate.

We start off by introducing our new characters.  Mitabu “Keelbreaker” hates the Chelish and likes to sabotage ships (he’s a trapmaster rogue).  Zoamai hates elves and is super introverted but likes to set fires (she’s a sorceress). The crew agrees these are Fun People who should be signed on immediately.

The Teeth of Araska beaches to make repairs; I run a minor devilfish attack just to get the new players (Ed and Ashley, IRL) into the vibe with the rest of the group.

And then I start to run the Pathfinder module No Response From Deepmar, set on a Chelish penal colony. I had several things prepped; likely ports included Deepmar, Staufendorf Island (from earlier adventures), and others, but they liked the sound of this one.  When they get there, the penal colony is strangely abandoned… Which leads to immediate burglary attempts; the vault is protected by a permanent stinking cloud trap but they break out the diving helmet they’ve been holding on to for such an occasion.  Then a tripped out four armed giant ape attacks…


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