Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Twenty-ninth Session

gravvikTwenty-ninth Session (9 page pdf) – “Derros and Derangements” – As the pirates continue to explore the derro caves beneath the prison colony, they find a derro alchemist with a cornucopia of bizarre experiments he is only more than happy to unleash upon them.

This is a full on dungeon crawl, touch and go in a derro warren. Zoamai proves her worth with her combination of fireballs and a rod of maximize spell, which leads to this exchange…

The pirates round a bend to see one derro with a bloodied leg strangling another derro. More derro cluster about the pair. Then there is a bright flash as Zoamai’s maximized fireball strikes the derro cluster. Smoke and burning derro fills the tunnel.

Serpent and Sindawe charge into the smoke to find two wounded derro crawling away. They handily dispatch the pair. The rest of the derro are dead.

Serpent emerges from the smoke and says to Zoamai, “I need to get a rod like that for my wife.” Sindawe and Wogan chortle amongst themselves like adolescent boys.

Then a fight with a derro alchemist, fungus-blighted humans, and the hit of the dungeon, an animated surgery table that tries to strap Wogan down on itself and fillet him.  They still talk about that table.


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