Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Thirtieth Session


Drowning devil (sarglagon)

Thirtieth Session (20 page pdf) – “R&R On Deepmar” – The command crew finish liberating fungus-mutated prisoners from the derro warrens beneath Deepmar.

With a pirate ship full of crew and high level NPCs, it can be difficult for a foe to attack the ship and it really be a threat. So at times like this, while the PCs are occupied elsewhere, attacks on the ship are both a real threat and a test of their command competence.  So the PCs play some of our NPCs as the Chelish get their revenge by siccing a drowning devil on the escaped Araska.

So the PCs play Tommy, Lil, Little Mike, Samaritha, and Mase Venjum aboard the ship and they fight off the devil.  It’s a scary one, and can drown you with a look, and is full of poison. But Samaritha’s a full caster so they manage to take it down.

Back in the derro caves the PCs manage to make terrible use of a derro-on-golem fight and take the brunt of attacking both of them. And they recover Klangin the half-orc from the fungal experiments of the derro – she goes on to become a fun recurring NPC on the ship, and her determination to “take a man” is focused pretty much on Wogan.

They clear the rest of the derro, liberate prisoners and loot, and it’s back to Deepmar!

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