Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Thirty-first Session

Thirty-first Session (20 page pdf) – “Leaving Deepmar” –  The crew tears up the prison colony on their version of shore leave while the party investigates every part of the island that might contain something to impale themselves on. And Wogan may have gotten married.

Wogan decides to interrogate Klangin about her skills, and she takes his inquiries into her combat power and cooking skills to be mating inquiries. Oh, the other PCs needle him about that, insisting that clearly an orcish wedding had taken place. This becomes a recurring theme, with both orc barbarian Klangin and meek waitress Rucia trying to win the affections of the chaste-by-Gozreh-rules cleric.

They get back to Deepmar to see what happens when a pirate crew is bored for a couple days.

The travelers enter the colony, which is in very poor condition after three days of occupation by the Teeth of Araska’s crew. Several of the buildings have been burned. Every wall is covered in graffiti or filth. Furniture, clothing, and other mundane items litter the ground, evidence of overly ambitious looters. Pirate crew dot the facility, sleeping, fornicating, gaming and otherwise passing the time.

aurumvoraxdontcareThen the pirates decide the rest of the island requires investigation!  Well, Paizo module to the rescue, there’s plenty out there.  And the aurumvorax from a couple sessions ago gets another lick in as its dead body now hosts a rot grub swarm. Needless to say “the dead body is twitching” requires up close investigation. Cue screams.

They come up with an innovative and money-making method of killing off the penal colony’s Chelish leader, a lottery!  All the pirates put in money to win a chance at deciding how the hapless Chel will die. Mitabu wins the lottery (fair and square, against a bunch of NPCs) and decides on “death by trap.” They tell the warden they’re letting him go back to his quarters.  Then…

From inside Ashforth angrily yells, “Who shit on my bed!?!” Saw blades spin to life. Then the screaming starts.

Next, they plan their next voyage, and it’s a long one – from here to Azir to Ilizmagorti, past the Eye of Abednego, through the Shackles, and to the Razor Coast!


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