Blades In The Dark – Session 18

Eighteenth Session – A key to a ghost vault of the Sonurian family and infiltration of a parade lead us to the Mellified Man.

In an odd side quest when a Leviathan is coming to devour the city, we discuver the ghost key we stole from the Iruvian Embassy opens some supernatural vault from the now-defunct Sonurian family. But to use it we need a Sonurian family member.

Some research with the Circle of Flame puts us on the trail of Lord Dunville’s wife, who is from the Sonurian bloodline. She is on a float at the annual Hadar Parade put on by the Iruvian Beneficial Society, which we sneak onto. And yes, we make a bunch of immature jokes about “So, how is it living with IBS?” and the like.

She gets attacked by some of Strangford’s goons which is good because our sweet-talking wasn’t really working; we beat back the attackers and get in her good graces. Reis has to take a devil’s bargain to realize she’ll never sleep with him (she is one of his two “types” – powerful high society women or powerful weird supernatural women. Delasia Finchester combines both of these so she’s the alpha, but, you know, options…).

Finally Lord Dunville pays us for the key and we go take his wife and two of his hirelings, Kelly and Nathaniel, to go open the magical gate to the tomb (it’s in a sodden part of town). It’s weird and spooky and we are all on super high alert. We find an irritable zombie monk, Ilock Theer, who Lady Dunville interrogates about ‘the Mellified Man.’ We don’t know what that means but Kelly about shits a brick when he hears it. The monk gets us a piece of the Mellified Man, a honey-infused piece of flesh from the progenitor of their line that is said to cure any disease.

We go to leave but a bunch of Iruvian cultists lie in wait outside. Kelly turns on us. We kill them all; Nathaniel fights us some because Kelly’s his boyfriend but we let him leave. Mission accomplished, and Dunville agrees to vote Lord Strangford off the City Council!

Then for downtime, it’s mostly gambling and bear blood snorting but Reis does get a Hull online and uses Sergeant Troll’s ghost to inhabit it. (The summary says Private Pyle, but he’s not dead as best as I know.)

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