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Jade Regent Character Creation Rules

Here’s the rules we are using for our Jade Regent campaign from our GM Paul, with some explanations from me.

Allowed Rulebooks

APG is in, the Ultimate books are out (although during the campaign you will have the chance to pick up Japanese-style weapons and maybe even to get trained for levels in ninja or samurai).  [Ed: Paizo has been overwhelming us with new rules over the last  year, and frankly a lot of it isn’t well balanced.  We haven’t been allowing Ultimate Magic or Ultimate Combat in any of our games so far. In my Reavers campaign it’s core only, anything else by specific GM inclusion or asking me.]

Chargen Methods

Stats are 4d6 drop the lowest, arrange as you will. If your stat block sucks you may use the point-buy method, this time around I’m setting point-buy at High Fantasy, 20 points. Standard races are all in, but if you want something other than that let me know and we’ll talk about it. No evil races or monster races will be allowed though.
Evil characters are not a good fit for this particular campaign.

FATE Aspects and FATE Points

Aspects! Please write 3 aspects for your character before you reach the gaming table, we will create 2 more for each character when we get together for the first session. The first three should be as follows:The first aspect should be a description of your character’s archetype, such as “Half-orc sorcerer in tune with nature’s fury”, “Physically perfectionist elven wizard”, or “Charming Sunderer”. Try to make sure your character’s core competency makes it into your first aspect.

The second aspect should describe your character’s trouble, the main weakness or stumbling block that keeps causing trouble for the character. It can be a personality trait that causes trouble for the character, or it can be something bad that just keeps happening to him for some inexplicable reason. Examples: “Why did it have to be fairies?”, “Vengeful over hurt pride”, “Family Man”.

For the third aspect, think about what motivates your character, what shaped him to become who he is, and what pushed him to the life of an adventurer. The best aspects are ones that can be used both for or against your character. ex. “Must protect my friends at all costs”, “People are not always what they seem”, “I Heart Forbidden Lore”, “There must be some way I can find a profit from this…”

Each character will get 3 fate points. When you level up, they will be refreshed. You can get more fate points whenever your character suffers due to one of his aspects (depending on the situation, this could result in failed skill rolls, damage, or just social humiliation). Spending a fate point allows you to either reroll the d20 roll you just made, or add +4 to it, your choice, but you can only spend a fate point when one of your aspects applies to the roll you’re making. For instance, “I Heart Forbidden Lore” could help you if you’re doing research or trying to recall facts about some kind of demonic monster, but it wouldn’t help you on a to-hit roll against a goblin. Regardless of aspects, a fate point can always be spent to stabilize you if you’re dying.

Character Advancement

There will be no XP awarded or spent.  Level advancement will be declared by the GM when it needs to happen. [Ed: XP are frankly one of the most annoying things to deal with – useless bookkeeping that promotes uninteresting behavior. None of our campaigns use them.]

Multiclassed Spellcasters

We will use our usual multiclassing house rule for spellcasters.


We’re not using experience points, but I wanted a mechanism that allowed me to give rewards for completing side-missions. Thus I created the badges; each one can be earned by completing one of the side-missions in the adventure path.

As soon as I introduced them the players started plotting to find a way to collect them all! Besides the pleasure of collecting, they each also get one fate point when the group gets a badge.

I’m A Fourth Level Badass

Slow progression is the order of the day in my Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign.  The PCs are fourth level, and that’s after 24 long, hardcore sessions.  They may get level 5 soon, but no promises.

But everyone’s sent me their character sheets, and there’s nothing soft about these PCs!  When you really settle in to a level and live in it, you learn how to kick ass without always chasing that new kewl power (tm WotC).

Here’s their character sheets – feel free and use them as a pirate crew to strike fear into your PCs – just make sure they’re about 7th level or else they might get their fool throats cut.

Serpent Jorenson, CN Ulfen Druid 2/Ranger 2 – He specializes in the quarterstaff beat-down.  Especially versus humans.  That’s two attacks at +9/+9 for 2d6+7/2d6+5 when he has shillelagh on! And his pet snake Saluthra is ridiculously effective; the bite + grab + constrict dishes out 20-30 points of damage first round easy.
Girlfriend: Samaritha Beldusk, half-elf Cyphermage

Sindawe Narr, LE Mwangi Monk 4 – Yes, he’s really AC 24. And no, I don’t know why he has half a page of “sex manuevers” on his character sheet. I had no idea about that till right now. No wonder a goddess made love to him.
Girlfriend: Mama Watanna, an old (?) voodoo lady (?)

Wogan, N Chelaxian Cleric 4 – He keeps them all healed. He’s not hell on wheels in combat, but he likes to summon critters and has some guns that he can bust a cap in you with. And I notice he has a Wand of Eagle Slender. Apparently that increases your charisma by making you more svelte and athletic looking.
Girlfriend: His deity Gozreh provides his only sexual release

Tommy Blacktoes, NE Halfling Rogue 4 – Not one of those new style “striker/DPS” thieves, Tommy’s more of a skilled burglar and con man. +17 in some of those thief skills at level 4. I didn’t know that was possible.  Watch your nipples when he’s around.
Girlfriend: Lavender Lil, tiefling hooker

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