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RPG Stack Exchange – A Year Later

If you are familiar with Stack Overflow or the other technical Q&A sites powered by the no-nonsense engine Joel Spolsky came up with, you may want to know that they’re spreading the idea to many other subjects.  RPG Stack Exchange has been in beta for a year and has garnered more than 2000 questions.  Here’s a sampling of the top ten!

  1. Who created the idea of Experience Points?
  2. What tools are useful to organize a GM’s campaign notes?
  3. How many people does it take to steal a Star Destroyer?
  4. What approaches are there to lessen or eliminate reliance upon dice in an RPG?
  5. How do I get my PCs to not be a bunch of murderous cretins?
  6. As a man, how can I roleplay a woman better?
  7. 3d6 vs a d20: What is the effect of a different probability curve?
  8. How do you help players not focus on the rules?
  9. What alternative monsters are there to replace orcs, kobolds, and hobgoblins in low-level encounters?
  10. Playing 4th Ed D&D for the first time, what should I read to avoid holding everyone back?

Go check ’em out – lots of good collected wisdom here. 90% less crap than forum threads!