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Second “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

In our second session of Chuck‘s Savage Worlds game, we kill and kill and kill our way towards Valix Drogue the plumpy rogue.  Read the session summary for the gruesome details.

We’ve gotten used to the system now and it’s going smoothly.  We had seven players, however, so the card-based initiative was a little problematic with getting cards to and from people down a long table and seeing when they need to go in combat – admittedly, mainly a problem because some players were too busy discussing Robot Chicken episodes to pay sufficient attention to the game.  I fully support Chuck using a Taser on any player that needs it.

Also, we’ve earned two advances and have spiffed our characters up some.  As an archer, I’m finding there’s not many good edges for novice Archers to take so I’m focusing on bumping my stats and skills until we get to the Seasoned “rank.”

Bruce the Mostly Absent was here this time.  It was nice because his character was more “good” than the rest of us so it provided a suitable foil (no one else really minds when I have a Muppaphone constructed from the heads of our dead opponents).   Once we beat Arturo the Fence, he was cooperative so I was going to let him go with only the penalty of chopping off one of his hands for being a filthy filthy thief.  I was even letting him choose which hand!  What more could you ask for?  Bruce’s Vashaen was like, “That’s monstrous!”  Paul’s Thul-Eth said “What, you’re going to let him live!?!”  Call me the happy medium.

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First “Empire of Ashes” Session Summary Posted

We’ve been stuck in the D&D Ghetto too much lately, so Chuck put together a new Savage Worlds game!  We’re all nonhuman freaks in a dark fantasy setting of his conception.  All the details are on the session summary page!

I enjoyed the system.  The card-based initiative and the bennies were nice.  Combat definitely went faster than in D&D – we started late, took some time finishing up our characters, etc. but still went through adventure initiation and four combats in one session.  As session scribe, I was having trouble keeping up with the action (not a problem in our D&D combats).

The main dice mechanic is still a little fiddly; I’m sure it’s because we’re not used to it yet but it’s still reasonably crunchy with the different difficulty numbers and “raises” if you beat your to hit by 4 and all that.  The bit that slows it down the most is that you don’t know the difficulty to hit, so there’s a lot of back and forth about “did I hit, did I get a raise?”  As I was an archer (ranged weapons hit on a flat 4) it was easier.

I liked Chuck’s setting, a bunch of weird new PC races is always nice,and I’ve been wanting a good gritty Thieves’ World kind of character lately. Something about settings with character flaws always encourages us to take loads of them, and then to become some horrendous scallywags.  This was no exception.

Anyway, check out the full session summary!    We all had a good time.

New Year’s Greetings!

Like everyone else, I’ve been out of pocket for the holidays.  But I’m back, and more gaming goodness is coming your way soon!

First, our gaming group will be running a short Savage Worlds campaign.  One of our members (Bruce, our session scribe and Valash Not-Gurelle from our Curse of the Crimson Throne game) is having to travel on business most of the next couple months.  As a result, weeks when he’s not in town you will not get a Crimson Throne session summary, but instead a “Empire of Ashes” summary, powered by Savage Worlds and run by Chuck.  Exciting!

Second, I’m excited about the new RPG Superstar 2009 contest being held by Paizo, and I’ll be reporting on this year’s as I did on last year’s!  And I’ve entered Round One with a wondrous item – let’s see how that goes.

Third, I’ve been reading a lot lately, and my curse from being a RPG geek for so long is that I always try to apply what I read to gaming, from the gaming-ready plots of World War Z to the world-building advice of Guns, Germs, and Steel…   So I’m going to start installments of Books and Gaming (needs a better title).  May as well fill the gap – AD&D 1e had a while bibliography of suggested reading.  This has given way to “filmographies” for more recent games, or even “watch the TV show I’m based on” – or now with D&D 4e, whose inspiration is simply “touching myself while gold farming in World of Warcraft.”

Happy 2009 to all!

Savage Freeport!

The Savage Worlds Freeport Companion is now out in PDF from Green Ronin.  Freeport, haven of pirates and every kind of scum and freak the D&D world has to offer, came to life at the launch of D&D 3rd Edition – the same day at Gen Con you could buy the Player’s Handbook, you could buy the adventure Death in Freeport.  It grew into the premier 3e campaign setting for my money!  Ah, the privateer crew Wulf’s Animals (Cpt. de Wulf, commanding) cut a crimson trail through the seas, stopping in Freeport frequently to sell their booty and buy some, too!

It’s a great setting because it was “Points of Light” before “Points of Light.”  You could take most any generic d20 module and turn the “impassable wilderness” around it into sea and lo and behold, an island to sack!

Now, their approach to the line is modular – they have a setting neutral book, the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, then you can get the Freeport Companion you want – True20, d20, or, now, Savage Worlds, and bring Freeport to other systems.  

Savage Freeport!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Green Ronin Publishing have made an agreement to come out with the Savage Worlds Freeport Companion.  To explain, Freeport, the City of Adventure, is the best known third party setting for D&D.  “Death in Freeport” was available at Gen Con along with the D&D 3e launch, and Green Ronin continued to support the tales of this pirate haven with many scenarios and some sourcebooks.  I introduced my Memphis gaming group to Freeport back in 2000 and we ran in it for many years.  Good times! 

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